1. Spartan300

    First time Helmet (MKVII)

    So I've decided to make the MKVII as my first helmet, maybe it's a weird choice for a first time but it was the best model I had avaiable that I liked and that I believe will be easier under my circumstances. Dunno if I'll be making MKVII armor too, this is for the future, for now I wanna build...
  2. Psyisawesom8503

    Foam Mk VII foam build

    Hello everyone, long time no see (or read, I guess). Anyway, this year I have started on the Mk VII armor from Halo Infinite. In my opinion, this armor is pretty sick! If you recall from many years ago, I was building a Weta-style ODST costume. I had made great progress, almost finishing the...
  3. Off Earth

    Soft Parts Unfolding 3D Models?

    Hey gang! As many of you know I’m working on a Mjolnir GEN 3 Spartan. I have many models for the “seen” Undersuit parts that I have either 3D Printed or planned too and attach to a Lycra Undersuit. My question is, does anyone know how to turn those 3D Models into Pepakura templates so I can...
  4. skyranger72

    Halo Infinite MkVii Gen 3 "Finished"

    Hello everyone! Since I've joined the Airforce I have not been so active on here. However, I have been building and have a lot to show you. I have only seen one other person finish this suit so far, so I hope your excided to see him version. It has the 152 camo from Halo 5. This suit is all...
  5. ItSpartan116

    Road to Infinite “MKVII Armor Build” 3D Printed

    My goal is to complete a full set of Halo Infinite MKVII Armor before the launch of Infinite. And also making my first resin cast armor pieces I am starting on the helmet front is done and back is printing now