1. T

    Linda-058 Assistance

    I have been wanting to work on a Linda cosplay for sometime now. However there are slight modifications I want to make to her armour. I was hoping to find someone who is skilled in molding and would be open to a commission of the armour as well as the minor modifications it would entail (to...
  2. Toasterblast

    How should I scale my ODST helmet?

    I'm working on making the ODST/COMM helmet from MCC Halo 3 into a printable and wearable model, and I just want to get a good idea of how big it should be. Are there certain measurements I should take to scale it right? Thanks.
  3. brennan lyons

    Looking for 3D printer!!! IDK WHAT IM DOING!!

    Alright, i haven't been very active here but I know all of you are the best of the best out there to contact. I currently have a Dremel 3D20 and the prints are alright. Although my father and I are currently looking into a new printer, I have some ideas in mind but I wanted to know what...
  4. GeneralMayhem

    Halo 4 Cortana model for 3D Printing

    I'm planning a 3D printing project using Cortana as a gift for someone, and I've managed to get an export of the game model to use for reference. The problem is, the game model is fairly low-poly, and will not print well. Does anyone have a higher poly version of the model, preferably with...