1. Rock Lobbster

    Mark VII Community Modelling

    With the release of the Mark VII guide there was the mention of a community model brought up in the 405th Discord so here we go! The Scoop: I'm trying to see if there would be enough people wanting to model a section of the Mark VII for foam unfolding. With the release of Infinite this year it...
  2. Hekok

    How to enhance models based on model textures?

    So I've been attempting to enhance the models of the Achilles set of which I plan to make on Pepakura, but I've really only dabbled a bit on Blender and didn't want to make the armor inaccurate. The post of Enhancing models by Chernobyl didn't do much to help as it never showed how to enhance...
  3. CaminusPrime

    Touching up REACH ODST helmet

    Hey all, got a bit of a challenge for anyone interested. Essentially I've got this Reach style odst helmet which is a great looking file however its missing a few details. including the lines over the top and chin areas of the helmet & some areas on the sides. If anyone with some 3D modelling...
  4. zen 158

    Modular Weapon Series

    Hi there, right now i'm working to make UNSC firearms but instead of just making HD version of the in game models has a hollow shell i'm aiming to actually make them detailed in the sense of for example having the charging handles actually open the ejection ports and allowing to change parts for...