1. willdillmill

    3D Printed Master Chief MKVI Halo 3

    Hello, everyone! This post is a long-time coming. Back in December, I got the bright idea to build a Master Chief suit with no experience whatsoever in 3D printing. It's been a wild ride with many trials, errors, and frustrating evenings. I immediately found help through this forum through...
  2. SPRTN 2043

    HALO REACH - Noble 6 Spartan B312 Full Build W.I.P

    Week 1 I have played Halo since XBOX Original, great storyline... the narrative is spot on and the Lore is out of this world, Highly recommend listening to Eric Nyland Audio books. Halo Reach and the story of the "Fall of Reach" particularly inspired me... having purchased a 3D printer, I am...
  3. Angrycow

    First Build - Halo Reach WIP

    Hello All I've Been Working on my armor off and on for about 3 months so far, I only have the arms and knees done as of December 2019, and i just got home from my fall semester, so I just now have been able to start painting. Background I've wanted to make a set of armor for years now, but...