mountain regiment

  1. Angus314

    Post covid Mountian Con times

    Hello everyone. This is a thread for posting and talking about cons that y'all plan on going to in the near future within the mountain area! First up we've got Fan Expo Denver's special halloween event at OCTOBER 29 - 31, 2021 I know Colorado...
  2. Sean Anwalt

    Computer Generated Image request

    Greetings, everyone! It's no secret that the Mountain Regiment has grand plans for a fan film. While real life gets in the way sometimes, and rightly takes priority, the plans are still alive and growing. One problem that I cannot solve is the issue of Computer Generated Imagery. In writing the...
  3. Sean Anwalt

    Fan Film thread

    After careful consideration, and a helpful suggestion by Shadowshail, I am moving the fan film to this thread. Updates on the regiment objectives will still continue, but only for official updates. All the work, conversion, plans, and thoughts for the fan film go here.
  4. Sean Anwalt


    Mountain, updates to conventions and events! UTAH AREA Ogden UnCon 2019 Ogden, Ut. June 7-9, 2019 FAN Con &food truck rally Weber County Library Southwest branch 2039 W. 4000 S. Roy, Ut. June 1, 2019 1100
  5. Sean Anwalt

    Props Mountain Regiment booth build

    Progress on the Mountain Regiment booth is going to be slow. So far I am the only one working on it, and it is not really a huge priority in my life, since real life comes first and such, but I think this idea has some real potential. Please let me know if something seems wrong or if there is a...
  6. Sean Anwalt

    Mountain Regiment Roster

    Hello! I just wanted to get out there and figure out who all is active. Let's start out by saying who we are (internet name or real name, I don't care) where we are geographically, and something about ourselves. I know facebook is grand, but let's try to reel everything back in to the...
  7. Sean Anwalt

    Beta Delphi critical incident investigation

    I found this document in the archives of the United Naval Space Corp recently declassified division (the back of my mind) and thought it would make for an interesting read. In case anyone was interested. I enjoy reading (writing) reports of this nature, and hope there is someone else out there...