1. Spiderboy196

    Halo Infinite MK7 ODST/Security

    This is just a place holder im doing since seeing the new halo infinite multiplayer demo today with 405th members. Since we still waiting on a guide and more info of the different armor pieces, i would like to start planning ahead with a halo infinite odst(potential security) when build.
  2. mumgoot

    Best H5 skill/luck moments?

    'Nuff said
  3. Nadir

    Halo Reach, Military Police, Spartan 3 (First Attempt)

    Been feeling obligated to make a post since I've been using the recources, and sharing my progress elsewhere..This is (hopefully) going to be my first complete pepakura build... Based on the Spartan 3 armor seen in Halo Reach, I'm hoping to complete the Military Police Helmet with the HESA-E...
  4. murishani047

    Halo 5 Players Needed for Map Testing

    Hey everyone, I'm working on a new map in forge and need some people to help me test it! I am planning on opening up the lobby at 3pm Central time tomorrow for Alpha testing. The map is called "Sacellum" which essentially is Latin for a shrine open to the sky. Currently, the map is set up to...