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  1. Rosebud

    Sitcom Intro Parody (Due Date TBD)

    What's even the best way to start these things? Alright this idea has been buzzing in my head ever since I started working on getting my membership with the 405th, and since C2E2 just wrapped up this probably isn't the best time for some. But luckily this project doesn't have a due date for the...
  2. Rosebud

    90's Sitcom Parody (Moved)

    thread has been moved
  3. C

    Armored Suit for Music Video

    Hello 405th. I am brand new here. I am a filmmaker from the Los Angeles area, and I am absolutely blown away by the talent in this forum. I can't believe my eyes with some of these costumes you all have made. I am producing/directing a music video next February for a popular electronic music...