1. TheRealVictor

    Halo Boom Co M6 Pistol Re-Paint

    Hey everyone! The Nerf Halo Assault Rifle was a huge success and I recently had the opportunity to work on another repaint! This time, I had the pleasure of working with the discontinued Boom Co M6. It was another One-Day Build and I made a 3 minute Speed Run Video too
  2. Zoogami Snowfox

    Props Halo Infinite MA40 Nerf Assault Rifle - Repaint/Build

    Finally getting back into costuming after a long hiatus, with a small fun prop build. A friend and I are working on repainting/modifying 3 of the new Halo Infinite MA40 Nerf Assault Rifle's. So far we have sanded down the 'Nerf' 'Halo' 'small texts' and put on the first coat of primer. Over...
  3. QueenBHartigan

    Nerf Halo MA-40 light mods.

    Hello all! On my last post about the MA-40 on my ODST build, I said I was going to write up a thread on how to set up the lights in both the torch and ammo counter. I’m going to break this down into 3 sections: Introduction and what you need, the torch, and the ammo counter. Without further...
  4. FoxODST

    Props MA40 Nerf Mod and Repaint

    To get my self started before I begin working on my ODST build I decided to modify and repaint a Nerf MA40 I snagged at Gamestop. I used the attached screen grab for reference. There are a lot of paint schemes for the MA40 and it was hard to tell what was correct. I did not want to use the...
  5. ArBiTeR1400

    MA40 Nerf Blaster, **early hands on**

    Shhh, you aren't suppose to be getting these for another month. Anyway, here's mine that came in Australia. Ruler & controller is there for size reference, it is 76cm long so it looks to be 1:1 scale so I'm happy with that. Will be modding a real light, ammo counter, swap out for a better...
  6. PlanetAlexander

    Props Firing Halo CE Magnum

    Over on the RPF, I started a thread on a firing Halo CE Magnum, built from the Nerf Firestrike Elite. Because this is the 405th, I thought people might be interested to see it. Firing Halo CE Magnum Replica I've been collecting resources from CE and putting them there as well. PS. If this is...
  7. Asgardianhammer

    Props Nerf Longshot Modification Build W.I.P. PIC HEAVY

    So I wanted to share my Nerf Longshot modification. I received a kit from Kula courtesy of VectorWorkz from Black Tactical. This kit was super easy to install. The whole thing is 3d printed. It comes complete with all the plastic screws you will need. There are a few youtube videos on the kits...
  8. reverseflash

    Qi'Ra Nerf blaster mod (Solo film)

    Already done, but thought id show off my first attempt at a paint mod
  9. sfritts10

    Props Halo MA5D BoomCo Conversion

    Hi everyone! Glad to be a member of the 405th Figured I’d make my first contribution by showing my first Halo prop, a BoomCo MA5D Assault Rifle repainted to represent a combination of the Halo 3 and Halo 4 versions of the AR. PHOTOS INBOUND, let me know what you guys think!
  10. mumgoot

    Modded Nerf gun prop

    This doesn't really fit into any particular fandom. I took a Nerf Falconfire and modded it. I cut down the barrel shroud, inserted metal weights into the interior, made a custom muzzle brake out of Lego bricks! :) And then painted it. Currently, only one side is really finished. I tried to...
  11. Celsifer

    Borderlands Themed Gun

    Hello, long time no post. I haven't really been working on anything worth posting but as the title suggests I have a new project while I thought I'd post. I recently picked up the new (at least Australian new) Nerf Alphahawk which is apart of the Accustrike series. It looked perfect for a new...
  12. TheSafariMan

    Props Halo Boomco Brute Spikers!

    Hey everyone! Painted up some more Brute Spikers, got them for 6 dollars a piece during an Amazon Prime sale! Anyway, just wanted to share them with you. :)