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  1. CrimsonSpades24

    1st Build Custom Mark VII MJOLNIR | Pepakura/Foam/3d Printed - Game Hybrid

    While this isn't my first cosplay project, this is my first official build. Although I've already started, I'd like to show you all what I've done so far and where I'll be going in the future. I began by commissioning additional references for a Viper helmet redesign created by @Wernissage -...
  2. Wanton463

    Wanton's First Halo Build (Reach EOD)

    Afternoon, Gamerz, I am new at this format so bear with me. I am in the process of building my first full body cosplay. This community and the simple act of building cool stuff has been enough motivation to convince me to go ahead and attempt the full suit now that the helmet is printed. I...
  3. NewBrody

    Becoming an Active community member

    This is long overdue but I finally joined the community. Some of you have probably seen some of my photography over the years as I've met and worked with some of you. Been an outside observer for years, but no more. Thanks to my friend Schankerz badgering me for years to join I am finally joined...
  4. Homeless ODST

    First Post Introduction

    Hi, my name is Will and live in Central Iowa. I go by Homeless ODST on Instagram and twitch so there might one or two people on here that know me. The whole "Homeless" name comes from my airsoft days where anytime we would wear a kit that was made up of mixed/matched equipment we would call it...
  5. K

    New to 3D printing

    Hi, my name is Kaley. I’ve made a Jun helmet out of Eva foam before I knew how to do seams correctly and I’m not satisfied with it. I recently finished a chainsaw man cosplay from Eva foam, so it’s time for a new project. I have a creality CR-10s and have successfully printed a few things on...
  6. Spartancody

    Needing help getting started

    Hello, this'll be my first time doing a Halo cosplay and could really use some help. I'm thinking of doing something like a Spartan ODST scout. Unfortunately I don't have access to a 3d printer and idk where to start. Is there any pointers or anything that would assist me in building my armor?
  7. Spartan325Orson

    Are Star Wars cosplays allowed in the 405th?

    Hey guys! New 405th member here! I was wondering if the 405th accepts Star Wars cosplays like Boba Fett or Captain Rex as an example. I want to do boba fett and if that is not acceptable, then I'll do my Spartan IV from Halo 4. Thanks guys and I await your responses! :)
  8. Shinrazilla

    New recruit - Where to start with Halo 2 ODST costume?

    I have never cosplayed or made any costume before. Everything looks pretty simple to make in this one, but I’m having trouble with the various pockets on the outfit and the helmet. I found this photo of an action figure for reference.
  9. Pebelo

    My first build - mark VII armor

    Hi, I'm Pebelo and I'm currently beginning my halo cosplay journey. I've always been interested in cosplay but the mk7 cosplay guide 343i recently released got me really excited and made me want to make a suit of armor of my own. I'm not good at working with foam, etc. so I'm planning on 3d...
  10. ODST Ike

    New to 405th and building a ODST costume

    Hello I am new to 405th and just recently bought an Xcoser ODST Helemet and been trying to think of cool in game logos to paint on it after I do all my weathering and such was wondering if anyone had any cool ideas other than in game emblems ,thanks
  11. SpartanxNation

    my custom Halo Armor

    This is my own design the I am Attempting to transfer into an EVA foam helmet.
  12. Haydenator

    1st Build Haydenator and Wife Suit Builds

    Hey everyone! Me and my wife are new to the 405th and large scale cosplay builds so this project is our biggest! Previously we did R6 Siege and most recently BL3 Psychos at pax south 2020. My wife wants to be a creative person in her life such as an artist, photographer, digital artist, etc. I...
  13. ShyOne

    Shy says Hello

    Hello! I'm Shy, my preferred online name. I'm a fan artist and writer most of my time. Deeply hoping to eventually learn to draw halo armor for art. I have been deciding these recent years to branch out and join forums of things that interest me. And well, rigging models and putting together...
  14. Hibiki

    I want to make halo armor but I dont know where to start???

    Hello peoples!!!! My name is Hibiki! The first video game I ever played was Halo 2 and since then I have always dreamed of having my own suit of halo armor. In the past, I have looked into commissioning for a suit but it is so expensive. I need to know where to start!!!! What is best for...
  15. ThePototypeX10

    Finally ready to build...

    Hello everyone, I'm going to be honest, I rarely use forum sites, so I'm a bit clueless. I've had my 405th account for a while but never used it. I have a little (and I mean little) experience with cosplay and prop making, I've built small pieces and simple builds for myself and friends. But I...
  16. lildeadmangame

    I’m currently working on the halo magnum Eva foam. And pointers on weapons

    Looking for pointers on Eva foam weapons making