new recruit

  1. B

    Hi everyone I new plz tell me if there is any rules that I need t follow thx

    I'm new as the title suggest i just want to ask is there any rule I need to follow or is this just you know...
  2. P

    Having trouble downloading really new

    Hi! Im new to the scene i did the andrew dft odst build and i want to move on from that to make spartain armor ibe been scouring the forums for anyone with my same problem here and i cant seem to find one, i cannot download the files i want to make into my peparuka to do a foam build with where...
  3. Ray Vadam

    I need guide

    Hi, everyone! I'm a new member and I'm a little lost in here. I discovered this site a lot of time ago but it hasn't being right now when I finally decided to jump in and join to the community. One of my greatest dreams in my life is cosplaying like Master Chief and I really hope you guys can...
  4. Lord of Reach

    First post, need help with fiberglass

    Hi! I've been reading a lot of tutorials before I started to build my armor, but I haven't found anything about my problem. I started working on my own armor like a week ago, but before that I was making Andrew dft's ODST foam armor, but I just didn´t like how it was looking, and the helmet...
  5. Relik929

    Starting off

    I've been contemplating making my own set of armor for a while and have gone back and forth. I found this group and figured I might actually do it now that I've found a community and if there's others near me. Obviously there's time restraints to joining at different levels but is there a group...
  6. BinaryAcidWolf

    Im a new recruit that would like to start building asap

    hey all im a long time halo fan and have been watching what the 405th community has been putting out for 10 years and id love to join, i finally have a good budget to fiance a build so i have a supply list but i cant seem to find a deadeye helmet pepakura file, im also just looking for the...