new recruit

  1. Casual Veemo

    Halo CE Mark V Foam Project

    Hora! (That's how I say hello) I am new here at the 405th, and this is my first EVA or even cosplay project. I will be making a Halo CE Master Chief using EVA Foam and the files that are supplied in the Armory, but here is the twist: I don't want to wear it. I want it to be life-sized 1:1...
  2. Spartan513

    New to the 405th

    Hello! I am new to the 405th and super excited to be here! I have been doing Mandalorian builds for years but finally crossed over to Halo and I am PUMPED! Below are my Twitter handles and attached are some photos of me! @thebengalorian Spartan513
  3. C231996

    Hello! I'm new here

    Hello all! I'm here to introduce myself to the community Name: Chloe Dumoulin Pronouns: She/Her Profession: Security Officer Age: 26 Favorite Hobby: Cosplaying, amateur Voice Acting, and playing video games Favorite part of Halo: I love the ODSTs Favorite Halo Reach Favorite Video Game: Fallout...
  4. CrimsonSpades24

    1st Build Custom Mark VII MJOLNIR | Pepakura/Foam/3d Printed - Game Hybrid

    While this isn't my first cosplay project, this is my first official build. Although I've already started, I'd like to show you all what I've done so far and where I'll be going in the future. I began by commissioning additional references for a Viper helmet redesign created by @Wernissage -...
  5. Wanton463

    Wanton's First Halo Build (Reach EOD)

    Afternoon, Gamerz, I am new at this format so bear with me. I am in the process of building my first full body cosplay. This community and the simple act of building cool stuff has been enough motivation to convince me to go ahead and attempt the full suit now that the helmet is printed. I...
  6. Jayster

    Looking for advice on where to start

    I have been into Halo for quite a while and followed a few cosplayers and have been officially engrossed and wanting to get into a project. This is my first time attempting and I'm looking to make Halo 2's Mark VI Mjolnir armor for a Red vs Blue cosplay. Currently, I don't have access to a 3D...
  7. NewBrody

    Becoming an Active community member

    This is long overdue but I finally joined the community. Some of you have probably seen some of my photography over the years as I've met and worked with some of you. Been an outside observer for years, but no more. Thanks to my friend Schankerz badgering me for years to join I am finally joined...
  8. tyler2127

    My First Real Build - Mark VII Suit

    Hey all! I'm new around here so please forgive me if I make some mistakes or don't format all too well, but welcome to my journey! Quick rundown: This suit will be primarily 3D printed, as I love my printers and loving making stuff with them, and frankly I'm not brave enough (or well equipped...
  9. Spartan325Orson

    Are Star Wars cosplays allowed in the 405th?

    Hey guys! New 405th member here! I was wondering if the 405th accepts Star Wars cosplays like Boba Fett or Captain Rex as an example. I want to do boba fett and if that is not acceptable, then I'll do my Spartan IV from Halo 4. Thanks guys and I await your responses! :)
  10. Toasterblast

    New Recruit - How should I start building my armor?

    Hi, I just signed up for this site. I've wanted to make some Halo armor, particularly my MP armor from MCC Halo 3. It's the ODST\COMM helmet, ODST\DEMO chest and legs, ODST\TAC forearms, EOD shoulders, GEN1 undersuit, yellow visor, and the Demolitions back accessory. I really don't know what to...
  11. Shinrazilla

    New recruit - Where to start with Halo 2 ODST costume?

    I have never cosplayed or made any costume before. Everything looks pretty simple to make in this one, but I’m having trouble with the various pockets on the outfit and the helmet. I found this photo of an action figure for reference.
  12. L

    Not new but need help with something

    So I am not new but my brother is and he just finished his helmet and it is like three sizes too small and he is starting to get discouraged. I was hoping to get some advice on what to say to him
  13. ODST Ike

    New to 405th and building a ODST costume

    Hello I am new to 405th and just recently bought an Xcoser ODST Helemet and been trying to think of cool in game logos to paint on it after I do all my weathering and such was wondering if anyone had any cool ideas other than in game emblems ,thanks
  14. Plaer

    Quick question.

    Hey! I know there's probably a lot of threads about this already, but I've not been very successful in finding them. I hope me posting this isn't too big an issue. Anyhow, I'm incredibly new to both halo cosplay and costume/propmaking in general. It's been something that's interested me for a...
  15. Archerish

    New recruit wondering where to start

    Hey, I haven't done any prop making before, can somebody give me some advice? I want to make a Halo 3 helmet (I think it's the MK VI Helmet) but I'm not sure which materials I should make it out of. Is it easier to use EVA foam if I want to use the helmet for a costume? I've seen people use...
  16. B

    Hi everyone I new plz tell me if there is any rules that I need t follow thx

    I'm new as the title suggest i just want to ask is there any rule I need to follow or is this just you know...
  17. Punk odst

    Having trouble downloading really new

    Hi! Im new to the scene i did the andrew dft odst build and i want to move on from that to make spartain armor ibe been scouring the forums for anyone with my same problem here and i cant seem to find one, i cannot download the files i want to make into my peparuka to do a foam build with where...
  18. Ray Vadam

    I need guide

    Hi, everyone! I'm a new member and I'm a little lost in here. I discovered this site a lot of time ago but it hasn't being right now when I finally decided to jump in and join to the community. One of my greatest dreams in my life is cosplaying like Master Chief and I really hope you guys can...
  19. Lord of Reach

    First post, need help with fiberglass

    Hi! I've been reading a lot of tutorials before I started to build my armor, but I haven't found anything about my problem. I started working on my own armor like a week ago, but before that I was making Andrew dft's ODST foam armor, but I just didn´t like how it was looking, and the helmet...
  20. Relik929

    Starting off

    I've been contemplating making my own set of armor for a while and have gone back and forth. I found this group and figured I might actually do it now that I've found a community and if there's others near me. Obviously there's time restraints to joining at different levels but is there a group...
  21. BinaryAcidWolf

    Im a new recruit that would like to start building asap

    hey all im a long time halo fan and have been watching what the 405th community has been putting out for 10 years and id love to join, i finally have a good budget to fiance a build so i have a supply list but i cant seem to find a deadeye helmet pepakura file, im also just looking for the...