1. A

    1st Build PLA post processing

    Hey all! I'm new to the world of armorsmithing, and just about to begin what is probably going to be a set of Mark V(B) style armor, and looking for a little information as I like to have a full battleplan before starting something. I'm sure there are multiple threads buried in here containing...
  2. ItzBrenden

    Newbie here - Question on Color Matching

    Hey everyone! Been a loooong time Halo fan and am new to the costuming scene. Just got my 3D printers set up and can not WAIT to work on some armor. Planning on doing an ODST for myself and a Vale Costume for my daughter. Wanted to pick your guys brains when it came to color matching.... More...
  3. fla12

    first halo costume i have some questions

    i am currently designing and sketching a design for my first halo costume but i had some questions. 1. what is a good way to bond eva foam or other foams, ive generally only combined parts with interlocking parts and light hot glue 2. where do i get a visor for a helmet and how would one put it...
  4. Newnobel6

    Just a quick question

    Hello, I'm just starting. I want to create a mold for a helmet. I'm in the prosses of using Pepakura to print out what I want. But I'm running into a problem I want it to the armor to fit but I don't know how to size it? I don't what to print it output it all together just to find out it won't...
  5. ODSTOmegaSix

    ODST, Preparing to Drop

    Hello there! I’m a new member from the Philippines. Im planning to make an ODST costume out of rubber sheet for the major con(or what I think is the major con) of the year. I’ve got a list of parts, and I’ve got AndrewDFT’s tutorials but also wanted to ask for suggestions or ideas. I’m also...
  6. E

    HEllo! New From Spain

    Good afternoon everyone, My name is Miguel, 30 years old boy, and he loves halo. I register now because I have a good quality 3d printer. (or so I think) And I want to print out the full suit of master chief, and ALL possible weapons. Before when I was younger I used a lot the theme of pepakura...
  7. Ray Vadam

    I need guide

    Hi, everyone! I'm a new member and I'm a little lost in here. I discovered this site a lot of time ago but it hasn't being right now when I finally decided to jump in and join to the community. One of my greatest dreams in my life is cosplaying like Master Chief and I really hope you guys can...
  8. T

    Cardboard armor?

    Can you make a suit of armor from cardboard, and if so are there templates for cardboard armor?
  9. I

    Recently recruited

    Hi I apologies in advance for my spelling, sentence structure and general stupidity in my questions but truth be told I need dire help. Im an avid builder trying to explore new heights, i discovered this website while searching for power armour tutorials. i have zero experience in everything...
  10. Zachary

    Hi! I am new here and i would need some help!

    hello everyone, I just created my profile and i'm a bit lost. i would like it if some of you could anwser some of my question. -1st. What are the rules/guide-lines, or where to find them. -2nd. How do it work around here, i know that in the 501st you need to do some time in diffrent convention...
  11. smdambra

    NEED HELP making halo reach armor

    Making armor to look amazing and win our school Halloween competition. I know it's a bit early but I want these perfect. I have the 3d program that I forget the name of, Eva foam, heat gun, exacto knife, and the templates printed. I need all the help I can get
  12. AI Blue Fox

    WE ARE ODST Song FINALLY Released in full

    ITS HERE! ITS FINALLY HERE! The infamous remix of Light of Aiden from the We Are ODST trailer is here in its full official glory. It was used in the soundtrack of the 2017 King Arthur movie that just came out. They re-branded it with a different name but its the same song. We can finally...
  13. FlawlessCowboy

    Help a kind stranger? - New to this

    Hello all, hope this is okay to post! I have been pondering the thought of making my own Mark V armor like chief wears in Halo: CE and I have just recently decided that I am going to do it, however I've never done this before... I know of some resources like pepakura and eva foam, but was...
  14. C

    First Project - EODish

    Hello, I'm working on my first project with EVA and I was wondering if anyone had done patterns/templates for a full EOD torso? Also, not really sure what to do with the helmet (pictures soon). I know it needs something around the chin/mouth area but I'm not sure what to do with it... -UPDATE...
  15. Maxinfamily

    Completly noob needs some guidance

    Hi everyone! First things first, Im a big fan of all of your work, I love all the pics you guys post on twitter and looks so fun and so cooll when you all meet, I just love it :3 I am a big halo fan and Id like to get into the cosplaying and since is one of the sagas which I love more Id...
  16. UrbanODST

    Ultimate ODST helmet

    Hey guys I am new to the 405th but i am not new to the halo universe. First lets start off with the details of my project. We all know the ODST visor was able to be come clear and then opaque in Halo 3 ODST, but I have figured it out.(and its not some lights in the inside of the helmet) My new...
  17. Camper

    ODST Camper has boots on the ground.

    Hi everyone! My name's Casey but my character name is Camper. Essentially I've been working on my costume for a while its made fully from EVA foam. I will post photos of the build soon.
  18. KwintiSolo

    Where to buy foam in Europe? / DFT ODST build

    Hi everyone, i am planning to build the DFT ODST armor. I hope some European members can help me point out what the best source for foam is and how much is needed. Thanks in advance.
  19. U

    Fallout 4 t-60 helmet

    This is my first real post on my second project. I built 30% of a Halo MC helmet before but now its sitting in the corner of my basement hope this one doesn't end up the same here's what I have so far (phone camera so image quality is probably not amazing): appreciate any comments or advice...