1. cr0wb0n3z

    i have NO idea what i'm doing haha

    hey there! i'm a first-timer and i'm hoping to recreate caboose's armour for a con in july- how much foam will i need for mk v armour if i'm 5'1, and where should i look for blueprints? also, what material do you use for visors? general tips are also appreciated- ty!
  2. C

    Looking to make my first suit, I want to make a recon helmet/chest, not sure on which legs yet.

    Hi there, Absolute total newbie here from Australia, I’m looking to make a suit, I want to make a recon helmet and chest, I’m not sure on the arms and legs. Where do I even begin please?
  3. S

    Armor Material Question - Hot Glue

    Hi all. After a long time of being stagnant after making a (of somewhat dubious quality) Mk V chest piece that has long-since been canned using a mixture of hot glue and contact cement, I wanted to get back into armor-making by starting with the AndrewDFT Halo Reach ODST and the only...
  4. Tytanium

    Obligatory first post

    Hi, I'm Ty, a 16 year old Aussie with a passion for gaming, coding, hell pretty much anything tech. I've been into halo for years, with Reach being my first, and favourite. The story, the gameplay, the multiplayer, it's the best FPS experience I've had! Still a little salty that the 360 games'...
  5. THEFLAKEsenpai

    Has anyone had any issues with MakerLabStore?

    Hi all! I'm just curious if anyones had any issues with MakerLabStore with any of their products. The reason being is that it looks extremely realistic and the pictures also look extremely awesome. However I have never bought anything off of Etsy before and dont know if I should bite a bullet...
  6. Hibiki

    Newbie armor build

    Hello peoples, over this Holiday Break and quarantine ive decided to finally do something with my life. I have finally decided to stop drooling over everyones amazing halo cosplays and make my own!!! Considering this is my first full body armor build I am pretty proud of the way it is turning...
  7. BELLhell41

    Mac user in need of advice

    Hey ya'll, Just recently started off with making my own set of armor, bought an OBJ file and the guy didn't make it known that it was incomplete so already off to a semi-bad start. I am an Apple user so I've been trying to do all of this off of my macbook with the Catalina update and it's been...
  8. Hibiki

    I want to make halo armor but I dont know where to start???

    Hello peoples!!!! My name is Hibiki! The first video game I ever played was Halo 2 and since then I have always dreamed of having my own suit of halo armor. In the past, I have looked into commissioning for a suit but it is so expensive. I need to know where to start!!!! What is best for...
  9. Rusty 714

    How do I cut a 3d print file into smaller parts?

    I am about to start making my first suit with a 3d printer. Most of the files for Noble 6 that I found on thingiverse are small enough to fit my Creality CR10 3d printer, but the chestplate is way too big. The blue lines are the borders of the print bed. I cant make it smaller because it...
  10. FelixMercenary

    Need some advice with helmet stability.

    I have a Halo 4/5 scout helmet made in pep that sits pretty loosely on my head. I can put soft foam on the top of the inside to keep my head at the right height and at the back as to prevent the helmet from sliding forward when I look down. The problem I’ve encountered previously is keeping...
  11. StarWolfStudios

    Halo Legends: Dr. Halsey (Cosplanning and Progress)

    Hey everyone! I'm very new to Halo Cosplay, so I figured I would want to start with something relatively easy and comfortable to wear. BUT, I also wanted something equally eye-catching and cool. I have heard that "soft suit" characters are rarely seen in this cosplaying community, Halsey being...
  12. SgtBrown5252

    ODST Cosplay (new to cosplay)

    Hello so Im new to the cosplay scene and would really like some helps and tips on how to do this as I've never so much as done anything even similar to this. I Plan to at least try to print all the solid parts on a 3d printer with a build space of X180mm x Y180 mm x Z320mm. Ive already started...
  13. I

    Recently recruited

    Hi I apologies in advance for my spelling, sentence structure and general stupidity in my questions but truth be told I need dire help. Im an avid builder trying to explore new heights, i discovered this website while searching for power armour tutorials. i have zero experience in everything...
  14. DannyPhantom

    Spartan in Training

    Hey, so as the title says im sorta new to all of this but I'm really considering on making my own armor suit. I've read some forums and kinda got a background idea of it all, but I could still use a lot of advice and guidance on what I should do and where to go for things. So I know to make a...