1. NewBrody

    Becoming an Active community member

    This is long overdue but I finally joined the community. Some of you have probably seen some of my photography over the years as I've met and worked with some of you. Been an outside observer for years, but no more. Thanks to my friend Schankerz badgering me for years to join I am finally joined...
  2. QueenBHartigan

    Introduction and Sean Bradley ODST build

    Hello there! I’m Bella! (She/her) I’ve been a halo fan since I was around 12-13, and have spent the last decade learning and teaching myself in cosplay. Joining groups such as Joker Squad UK, making friends in the Rebel Legion, 501st, R2 Builder’s club. Now I think about it, mainly in the Star...
  3. Saya

    Introduce yourself by Saya

    Hey guys I am Saya - or Paulina and I am 20 years old. I am from North-Rhine-Westphalia. I met some of you 405th guys at Film- and ComicCon Karlsruhe last november. And since then I wanted to make a halo armor myself and well I did - it took nearly two weeks to finish my very first work with...