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  1. Harpess

    Default Halo Reach Female Armor- Help Needed*UPDATED*

    Hello everyone, I've been looking at trying my hand at armor making for a while now and now that I have my own funds I can finally get started. The only issue is that I have no idea where to even begin, mainly with finding a suitable template. Then there's the whole measurements and piecing...
  2. E

    First armor - Making my Halo:Reach armor

    So this is my first post My name is Eddie I am 20 years old and I live in Montana. I am not working right now and living at home so I have plenty of time. I also like to blacksmith and I really enjoy leatherworking so I have experience making stuff. And that is my preamble for you lol. I have...
  3. Hoddski

    Halo Reach Noble 6 Emile 2.0

    I'm going to be rebuilding Emile, my first Emile suit was my second suit build, I've learned a lot since then and now want to remake it to my standards!
  4. Kiwi

    Foam Kiwi's MKV/B Build

    Hey guys! I'm a noob taking the first steps to putting together their first suit, a MJOLNIR MKV with MKV/B helmet in vein of Halo: Reach. I thought I'd share my first physical progress with you all as the information, templates and community I've found here are second to none! Below is the as...
  5. Off Earth

    Props Noble 6 Build, Planning Phase!

    Hey guys, since my Landfall Build has come to an end I wanted to do something for the 10 year anniversary of Halo Reach in 2020 for Dragoncon. I decided with the help of an Instagram poll to take on Noble 6 next! While going over some references pics I realized that I’m not so sure what the...
  6. ZettaiKagerou

    Reach Build 3.0

    Hello everyone thought I’d post here since I should probably try to be more active. ;3; My old account got deactivated since I was out of the building world for too long :( but technically this is build 3.0. (1.0 was scrapped entirely, 2.0 was updated to 2.5 then didn’t survive moving and was...
  7. pipninja

    Wife's Spartan!

    So my wife was able to make it to HOD, and she went in costume on Saturday. At the end of the weekend she said that her favorite part was being in costume and helping with the 405th. So naturally, I am going to be making a Spartan for her next year along with myself. So I brought her into...
  8. Halo Outpost Houston Cosplay Contestants 1

    Halo Outpost Houston Cosplay Contestants 1

  9. SpartanProps

    Noble 6 halo reach build

    Hey everyone! I thought i would post my build progress for my noble 6 costume that i debuted at calgary comic expo! Since its done and not in progress im not really sure what order to do the picturtes in, so i will do my best to post in clusters of what i did and explain what i have done c...
  10. MoeSizzlac

    Noble 6 - Mjolnir - Mark 5 - Halo Reach - 3D printable armor files

    This is an armor set remixed from Pepakura armor files uploaded by Art Andrews. The files I made printable (I believe) are from: 1) halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-bicep-right.pdo Modeller: ForgedReclaimer 2) halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-boot.pdo Modeller: Bungie Unfolder: fat-hi555 3)...
  11. Närcon 2018

    Närcon 2018

    Me at Närcon as The Nordic Spartan.
  12. Nadir

    Halo Reach, Military Police, Spartan 3 (First Attempt)

    Been feeling obligated to make a post since I've been using the recources, and sharing my progress elsewhere..This is (hopefully) going to be my first complete pepakura build... Based on the Spartan 3 armor seen in Halo Reach, I'm hoping to complete the Military Police Helmet with the HESA-E...
  13. Asgardianhammer

    Halo Reach EOD Helmet WIP

    This was for my Halo Reach Helmet project. This has multiple people involved and i was happy to mastermind its creation! Thanks to nintendstroid for the 3d modeling, Midnight Oil Props for the print, and Johnson Arms for the Signature White paint job for my show piece. All was molded and cast by...
  14. JonteBoi

    JonteBoi's Second Halo: Reach Spartan Costume

    Hello guys and gals, bois and baes. About a month ago I finished my first ever Halo costume, which was also my first serious EVA foam project. I've now decided to start building a new costume , because I want to improve my foam skills! I've decided to make another Halo: Reach costume, but with...
  15. JonteBoi

    JonteBoi's Noble 6 from Halo: Reach!

    Hi everyone! Thought i'd share with you my noble 6 build that i just finished! This is my first serious cosplay build ever. I've done some small stuff before, an Iron Man helmet, a Captain America shield and a Boba Fett helmet, but never anything in this scale. Here's a shitty pic of my Noble 6...
  16. Electraknite

    Soft Parts Halo Reach Noble 6 custom undersuit

    Hello, Im keeping this thread to just the undersuit. I do plan on making the armor, i just don't know how long it will take me between the two. Here is the plan.. sort of. this thing may or may not end up looking rather modified. Whats happened so far: I made the pattern. I started with...
  17. Viridiana Sovari

    W.I.P. Halo Reach Noble 6 Armor

    Hello 405th Community and Friends! I have been a member of this community for a long time and am finally starting my build. The usually things like money, and time have kept me from being able to do this but now i've finally begun! I've decided on 3d printing mostly because i'm not very...