1. ButterBacon3000

    ButterBacon300's Noble Six Armor 3d Print and Foam Build

    I have been saying that I was going to start a build since October, but never got around to it until today lol. This will definitely take me longer to finish than it should because I share a printer with a friend and it's at their house, so I can't use it very often, but here goes nothing. I...
  2. MoeSizzlac

    Halo Reach - Noble 2 Printable Armor - Kat - Catherine-B320

    Question before we begin!!!!! Does anyone know where I can get a pdo file for the helmet targeting add on for Noble 2? I looked all around and was only able to find a dead link to 4Shared. As for the files: This is for the girls of Halo that want a printable Reach Armor Set. I uploaded...
  3. MoeSizzlac

    Noble 6 - Mjolnir - Mark 5 - Halo Reach - 3D printable armor files

    This is an armor set remixed from Pepakura armor files uploaded by Art Andrews. The files I made printable (I believe) are from: 1) halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-bicep-right.pdo Modeller: ForgedReclaimer 2) halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-boot.pdo Modeller: Bungie Unfolder: fat-hi555 3)...
  4. Närcon 2018

    Närcon 2018

    Me at Närcon as The Nordic Spartan.
  5. Beemo8bit

    Halo 5 Noble armour - first time builder!

    Hello! Fantastic forum that I've been watching and learning from for a while. I've never made any costumes except a Judge Death for my kid, but decided to build Noble spartan armour for myself, hopefully in time for London's MCM Expo in October. Feel like it was a bad choice to start so complex...