noble six

  1. MoeSizzlac

    Noble 6 - Mjolnir - Mark 5 - Halo Reach - 3D printable armor files

    This is an armor set remixed from Pepakura armor files uploaded by Art Andrews. The files I made printable (I believe) are from: 1) halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-bicep-right.pdo Modeller: ForgedReclaimer 2) halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-boot.pdo Modeller: Bungie Unfolder: fat-hi555 3)...
  2. Närcon 2018

    Närcon 2018

    Me at Närcon as The Nordic Spartan.
  3. Asgardianhammer

    Halo Reach EOD Helmet WIP

    This was for my Halo Reach Helmet project. This has multiple people involved and i was happy to mastermind its creation! Thanks to nintendstroid for the 3d modeling, Midnight Oil Props for the print, and Johnson Arms for the Signature White paint job for my show piece. All was molded and cast by...
  4. whereisdanielle

    Danielles Halo Reach Build (Pic Heavy)

    This has been YEARS in the making. _____________________________________________ [this space is reserved for images of the completed suit] CURRENT PROGRESS: >Armour ---- done >Undersuit - detailing in progress Additional weapons/props/armour >Magnun ------------ Built >Assault Riffle...