1. HydrolicToaster

    An Old Noob

    Hey all! I'm back again to try my hand at making a set of armor. I've been a member of this site for around 10 years and try my hand at making it every few years. It usually ends up in failure as I could never get the sizing right. Previously I had used the pepakura method. It used to take me...
  2. BAG

    1st Build UNSC Air Force Pararescue ODST

    Long time lurker and noob of the 405th here. I have always wanted to build an ODST costume since I first saw them as a child in Halo 2 and now planned on putting a little bit of my own flavor into it, however I had never done any spray painting, sanding, or stenciling work at all. My thoughts...
  3. Mechace13

    thinking about starting over

    this is my first time and thinking about redoing it thoughts
  4. G

    Looking for an M90 unfold

    Hello everyone. I am brand new to making cosplay and I wanted to start with something relatively small, but still useful to the build I want to make next. To that end I need an unfold of the M90 shotgun, but can't find one that is already unfolded. Does anyone have a unfold they could share with...
  5. B

    Hey, extremely new here and I'm looking for a good ODST templet.

    As the title says, I'm VERY new here (only joined a few hours ago). Recently, I've been wanting to do an ODST Cosplay. I originally wanted to do an E.O.D. costume but it was a bit too ambitious for someone who's NEVER done cosplay before so I decided to go with an ODST instead. I looked around...