1. Apeiron

    Mark 6 - First build - Trying to fit in

    Alright, guys, strap in, the adventure begins! And you are gonna be my company, so we all can laugh at my insane skills regarding crafting, modifying patterns, not choking on my own saliva, basically anything. Since I have not managed to find anybody from Czech republic here, you may as well...
  2. Cam4kstudios

    What have I gotten myself into now.... Making an ODST (for film project at my school)

    Okay So never made a prop costume of any kind, deciding to just roll with it. I'm in Texas so I have been without power for like a week now (the power block rolling is a lie, for me at least :c ) so I decided to do something to keep me busy and moving since everything is shut down. I don't know...
  3. Rusty 714

    Blender problem cuz im a noob

    I am trying to learn the basics of animating in blender because I want to make simple halo animations... but I cant figure out how to add a camera. As you can see, the camera option is greyed out and I don't know how to fix that. heeeeeeeeeeelp meeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I have no idea what I'm doing...
  4. Rusty 714

    How do I cut a 3d print file into smaller parts?

    I am about to start making my first suit with a 3d printer. Most of the files for Noble 6 that I found on thingiverse are small enough to fit my Creality CR10 3d printer, but the chestplate is way too big. The blue lines are the borders of the print bed. I cant make it smaller because it...
  5. Sarcasticheavy

    My first helemt

    This is my first attempt at a Eva foam ODST set using Andrew DFT templates (which are now free) along with the video series, I'm going for a white and red with black decal, going medic for this one! Only issue is I used a pen to mark stuff on the foam now it keeps seeping through the paint, any...
  6. he4thbar

    Help & Suggestions for 1st Build Plz

    This was on my Build thread but I feel like with how many questions I ask on there.. It would be more fitting to make a thread dedicated to questions I have during the build process. Right now I scaled my body & armor in Armorsmith Design (6'2" 170ishLBs) Armor will be mainly 3/8th" foam, 1/2"...
  7. Double

    requesting a little help for a noob

    hello fellow 405th members, my name is Double, but you may call me snEEko. i have been a avid halo player for many years and this year ive decided to make not one but all 3 halo suits i absolutely love Via Rvb. now due to some of my Local 405th brothers i have learnt a many things but there is...
  8. StereoSolution

    First ODST foam build need help!

    Hello, Ive been a huge halo fan since I could walk and Ive always wanted to create armor from the series. Well with the new outpost event coming up I want to try to attend it with some armor. Ive so far made my ODST helmet from the DFT template but im really wanting to make a suit with more...
  9. Frogn

    I'm new here & search some 3D files for a mk IV Halo Wars Armor (help would be great)

    Hi, I'm new here and to cosplay, but thinging about a project. I would like to build a mk. IV MJOLNIR Armor, like those from Halo Wars. Because I'm not new to 3D-printing, I thought I'll print it, but I can't find proper, printable files. After I searched for Halo Wars, I only found a post with...
  10. Peteer18

    "Game Assets" and more troubles for me :c

    hello to everyone i'm new in the community so this is my first post ;) lately I've been downloading some armours and i had had troubles with some of them, I use pepakura designer/viewer to open the most of the files but there is some files like the accessories of the ODST armor, also some files...
  11. Negativecacti

    New to 405th

    Hey there, i have been building my suit sence December of last year and currently working on one for the Mrs. Im not really sure how to get affiliated or what the process or eveb get in contact woth any of the other regiments to find what one is in my area, like i said im new to this and any...
  12. Maxinfamily

    Completly noob needs some guidance

    Hi everyone! First things first, Im a big fan of all of your work, I love all the pics you guys post on twitter and looks so fun and so cooll when you all meet, I just love it :3 I am a big halo fan and Id like to get into the cosplaying and since is one of the sagas which I love more Id...
  13. mblackwell1002

    Introducing myself, and some of my projects

    Hi, Guys! I've been a member for about a year and a half, and recently have been accepted into the Pacific regiment. I can't wait to do cool stuff! first off, My name is Trevor Blackwell, and I am under the age of 18. I've been building costumes for about 2 years, and my preferred construction...
  14. D

    Fallout: New Vegas NCR Armor Build (Help?)

    So I've been planning to build some sort of EVA foam armor for a while now, I have foam heat gun knives basically all of the tools I need but I've had trouble with a few things. 1. I couldn't decide on armor that I liked and would be easy 2. Templates are a pain to find (at least for me) 3...
  15. J

    Looking for Pepakura Files

    Hello! I'm a noob to the 405th, and I am looking for some Pepakura files for the following: Helmet: Mark V (Halo CE) Everything else: Halo 3 Mark VI Can someone provide the files and the give me advice for starting my first set of armor?