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  1. G3IST

    G3IST’s ODST build

    Welp, I’ve finally started my ODST build. I’ve been a member of the 501st Legion for 4 years and built a TK, Sandy and Death Trooper in that time. Halo has always been one of my favorite series and I’m excited to step into a new world of cosplay. I’m not sure what materials I will be using...
  2. Connor213

    1st Build Full Metal Trooper

    So, as I learn how to use the forum, I will try and document my fist build series, This will be the version 2 of my full aluminium odst! Modus operandi is to use modern molle gear as a base, so a plate carrier and other obscure equipment to make aluminium odst plates that would fit in a live...
  3. Euclid

    Euclid’s ODST Build Thread

    Hey y’all, this is my build thread for my ODST, I’m building a Sean Bradley kit. So far I only have a helmet but I’ll be hopefully getting my kit soon. Any questions feel free to ask! Thanks for stopping by
  4. markvo1987

    Making my 6yr old son a 3d printed/Eva Foam ODST outfit

    So I am trying to build my Chief armor and my 6yr old son an ODST armor at the same time.( what can I say I love a challenge.) Fortunately the print files for my son can be printed mostly in one piece. So it is going pretty smoothly so far and here is the progress after about 2 weeks. And yes I...

    First-ish build ODST flood quick change

    I’m looking to modify my odst armor to make it modular flood. So I can have the armor normal one second and flood the next. Like in flood odst firefight on MCC. Only pictures I have the build I’m trying to make flood attached. Any help on how to make flood stuff or best ways to modify it/ idea...


  7. T

    I have a suit of ODST armor I bought but I dont know how to attach it to me or set it up

    I bought the armor from a guy in Russia off of etsy and now the shop is gone along with the post of the armor so I dont know how to set it up and which peice is what or how to wear the armor. Its just hard plastic airsoft grade plates with nothing on the inside to attach them. Please help.
  8. Homeless ODST

    First Post Introduction

    Hi, my name is Will and live in Central Iowa. I go by Homeless ODST on Instagram and twitch so there might one or two people on here that know me. The whole "Homeless" name comes from my airsoft days where anytime we would wear a kit that was made up of mixed/matched equipment we would call it...

    My First build thread - ODST

    Hey everyone! New member here and first post so thank you for taking the time to look! I have no background in making anything like this, so just kind of making it up as i go along haha! So this is the beginning of my first ever build! I've always loved the ODST and been following a number of...
  10. Off Earth

    Halo Landfall ODST (Complete)

    Hey everyone, Yes I know I’m working on the Gen 3 Spartan build but I wanted to take some of my down time and really revamp my Landfall ODST kit. I finished my first version in October 2019. While this was a pretty nice kit I discovered plenty of issues with it while wearing it. I’ve also...
  11. Saiyanberg

    First build, ODST 3d print

    Hey! I used to be a part of the community years ago but made a new account. I recently started my first build after getting familiar with my new ender 3 v2. I found quite a few files online for my armor, and even scaled some in armorsmith. After spending a week printing my ODST helmet in...
  12. Deaths Backhand

    1st Build Backhand's first armor cosplay: ODST

    Hey all! I'm starting my first self-made cosplay. Beginning with a base ODST helmet and then working from there. So far I have purchased: a 35"x 59" sheet of 6mm EVA foam by the Foamory a stack of 8&1/2"x11" cardstock 2 pack utility knifes with extra blades blade sharpener various grit...
  13. omarZX7

    My first ODST build

    Hi!! I'm Omar, I'm from northern México and this is my first ODST build I made last year for Halloween, but I haven't tried going to any cons with it because of COVID :( I've been always been a lurker in this forum, but I have finally decided to make an account and be a grain of sand by...
  14. Mechace13

    other Materials for cosplay

    ok i'm doing good on my first odst armor but i'm thinking about next year halloween party i go to and driving in the chest armor may not be a good idea. so are there other Materials I can use, not eva form for fiberglass and do you know where i can get the flies. the pic below is me back against...
  15. IMG_20210825_210719.jpg


    Wip of the odst shins
  16. Screenshot_20210926_144110.jpg


    My new complete halo 3 odst build
  17. MigilVigil

    Making ODST ARMOR out of METAL (UPDATED)

    Hey everyone! Making an updated thread on the metal armor. Got most of the upper body done and I made a new YouTube video on how I made the armor. If you’ve got time to kill, please check it out and leave a like and comment :) I’m very satisfied with the redesigns and can’t wait to get more done.
  18. MigilVigil

    1st Build Making ODST Armor out of METAL

    I’m editing the post with updated pictures so you all dont have to scroll down so far to see progress. Hello everyone! As the title says, I’m making a Reach style ODST armor out of aluminum sheet metal. There’s a lot of work fabricating and welding this armor together and I think it’s coming...
  19. Mechace13

    thinking about starting over

    this is my first time and thinking about redoing it thoughts
  20. Shadow the ODST

    odst build update/belt question

    so I finally decided to go ahead with the whole ODST costume and I am making good progress but I am struggling to find any templates/pep files for the belt armour sections that the grenades are attached too. anyone got the files for them or have made them in the past?
  21. PA Cosplay

    Legend of zelda ODST

    I've been working on this for a few weeks now so I thought I'd share my progress. Im making an OFST armor set but going for a legend of zelda paint style, ill also be making the master sword and shield for my weapons. I might make a small gun as well but don't know if ill have enough time for...
  22. flashyinc

    Scavenger ODST

    Hello! It's been a hot minute since I built anything halo related, sirca 2013 to be exact, But now that i'm finally out of school and got that sweet big boy job with a bit of disposable dough. It's time to come back and make something that sweet younger me wanted to make back when I was still...
  23. timmsy2911

    1st Build 3D Printed ODST Build

    This is my 3D printed Odst as I am Building it Update 1: Right Shoulder Update 2: Left CQB Shoulder 2nd Shoulder printed and assembled and then roughly fit it to the plate carrier ill be using it as my base layer for the armor to attach to. Update 3: Right Forearm This is currently the...
  24. timmsy2911

    Odst Build

    So after buying my 3d printer I’ve wanted to remake my original Andrew dft ODST foam build and I’ll likely be posting update pics on this thread maybe The first part printed and made is my right shoulder which is the plain one whereas my left will be CQB
  25. THEFLAKEsenpai

    Has anyone had any issues with MakerLabStore?

    Hi all! I'm just curious if anyones had any issues with MakerLabStore with any of their products. The reason being is that it looks extremely realistic and the pictures also look extremely awesome. However I have never bought anything off of Etsy before and dont know if I should bite a bullet...