odst eva foam

  1. Deaths Backhand

    1st Build Backhand's first armor cosplay: ODST

    Hey all! I'm starting my first self-made cosplay. Beginning with a base ODST helmet and then working from there. So far I have purchased: a 35"x 59" sheet of 6mm EVA foam by the Foamory a stack of 8&1/2"x11" cardstock 2 pack utility knifes with extra blades blade sharpener various grit...
  2. omarZX7

    My first ODST build

    Hi!! I'm Omar, I'm from northern México and this is my first ODST build I made last year for Halloween, but I haven't tried going to any cons with it because of COVID :( I've been always been a lurker in this forum, but I have finally decided to make an account and be a grain of sand by...
  3. IMG_20210825_210719.jpg


    Wip of the odst shins
  4. Screenshot_20210926_144110.jpg


    My new complete halo 3 odst build
  5. Mechace13

    thinking about starting over

    this is my first time and thinking about redoing it thoughts
  6. Shadow the ODST

    odst build update/belt question

    so I finally decided to go ahead with the whole ODST costume and I am making good progress but I am struggling to find any templates/pep files for the belt armour sections that the grenades are attached too. anyone got the files for them or have made them in the past?
  7. TrialDuckling10

    First Time ODST

    So I've been kinda active on the discord for a little bit but I've been neglecting to post here, so here it is! I'm mainly using Andrew DFT's guide but I've also been using some of the resources online and on here. Also, I'm a cosplay noob, so any advice or constructive criticism is appreciated...
  8. ODST Helmet

    ODST Helmet

    And here's the helmet of my ODST, the topping to this beautiful piece. The Helmet is made of EVA Foam which makes it super light and breathable.
  9. HarlanPiranha

    My first build (ODST armor EVA foam)

    I have been wanting to make cosplay for years, but it has always just been this thing that i never thought I'd do, but since I have so much free time now, I'm going to try it. I should probably start with something easy but i really like the way the ODST armor looks so for my first build I'm...
  10. Acepilotzero

    third attempt on an ODST helmet and first for ODST armor

    I've been building my stuff out of foam for a while then I moved to resin for the helmets. I'm trying to make the armor and the rest of everything just from photos. 1st 2nd 3rd
  11. Sarcasticheavy

    New start.

    So in my previous posts I done the helmet, but some things went wrong with my personal life and the helmet got thrown away. But new starts and all, lock down made me try again, as of now the legs and chest are done (ish). Any tips on how to make the paint job look better? Also any ideas on what...
  12. midnightranger

    Foam My ODST foam build

    Hello I’m new here and I am making my second ODST build. My first build was a couple of years ago and it was the Andrew DFT ODST templates I and it turned out fine, but I wanted more detail and game accuracy so I purchased the Hero’s Workshop foam pepakura templates and have been using those. I...
  13. S

    1st Build Steward's ODST WIP

    Hey all! So I decided since I don't have the room or material to work on my Mandalorian, I figured that I would get a jump on my ODST plan. I've been designing my kit on paper/in my head for some time now. I picked up some foam files some odd years ago, and finally decided to format them. So...
  14. iac300

    The Halfbox Helljumper

    Currently working on a halo 3 ODST suitand figured i’d Finally make a proper thread. I’ve finished construction on the chest, right shoulder, and helmet so far. Construction of the left shoulder isn’t far behind.
  15. SpartanWorkshop

    First Halo Build! (Foam ODST) (WIP)

    Hello everyone! I just started my very first Halo costume, that being an ODST and I figured I’d start a build thread to kinda show what I have done so far and to document my progress as I get further into this costume. Right now I’ve only got the helmet to an almost complete state: I made the...
  16. RUST

    Foam ODST Foam build Feet/ Boots first into hell

    Hello there 405th Fam! Been WAY to long since my last project , but now that I finally have some free time, I’m hoping to finally make my helljumper some Boot armor so I can properly drop “feet first into hell”. I’m pretty wet behind the ears with EVA foam working, and was wondering what all...
  17. Sniper Queen 67

    Foam Halo Reach ODST Cosplay WIP

    I am currently creating a Halo Reach ODST cosplay out of EVA foam. This is actually my first build I have made out of EVA foam and I love the results. I have constructed the upper armor vest and the chest plate. All of the templates I am using were created by Andrew DFT. I will be creating the...
  18. ODST_V1_405thprop.jpg


    Posing with the prop at the 405th table sci-fi valley con.
  19. ODST_V1_packed.jpg


    All packed up for the Con.
  20. V1ODST.jpg


  21. Caeden Ringor

    ODST Visor Advice?

    So for the past year or so I've been working on a set of ODST Armor, and I've finished the foam fabrication part for the Chest, torso, helmet, and the shoulders are almost done. But one issue I've been thinking on is the Visor for the helmet. I for one don't have the resources for vacuum...
  22. Caleb I


    Hello all! I have been for some time wanting to create a Halo cosplay, first starting with a Halo CE Marine (I'll come back to that one in time), now a Halo 3 ODST, and in the future a Mark V build. Note I haven't done anything like cosplay ever so I'm reading a ton and learning a lot but the...
  23. Jevalow

    Build MA5D ICWS and fixing my ODST chest costume part out of foam

    so... this is my first thread after i'm registered long year ago b'cos i'm still can't english language haha lol. and here i come now i'll try to making my first iconic weapon of halo MA5D icws from halo 4 or 5, made from depron styrofoam from my current local stores that i know and b'cos i...
  24. J

    Progress on custom odst

    Been working on this project slowly for a month and now have to haul ass due to the new deadline. July 19th I will be attending the halo convention in philly hope you guys enjoy disregard the shin armour I'm redoing them to wrap around the shins. I had a couple peices kr scrap foam so I figured...
  25. OTSDerpy

    ODST MK III; “Halo 2 Anniversary”

    So I’m going to try something that has been started by many MANY cosplayers, but never really...fell through. If you don’t know what that is, then let me tell you that it’s the “H2A ODST” from the “MCC.” (Master Chief Collection) So far I did a pretty decent job on starting a template...