odst eva foam

  1. Caeden Ringor

    ODST Visor Advice?

    So for the past year or so I've been working on a set of ODST Armor, and I've finished the foam fabrication part for the Chest, torso, helmet, and the shoulders are almost done. But one issue I've been thinking on is the Visor for the helmet. I for one don't have the resources for vacuum...
  2. Caleb I


    Hello all! I have been for some time wanting to create a Halo cosplay, first starting with a Halo CE Marine (I'll come back to that one in time), now a Halo 3 ODST, and in the future a Mark V build. Note I haven't done anything like cosplay ever so I'm reading a ton and learning a lot but the...
  3. Jevalow

    Build MA5D ICWS and fixing my ODST chest costume part out of foam

    so... this is my first thread after i'm registered long year ago b'cos i'm still can't english language haha lol. and here i come now i'll try to making my first iconic weapon of halo MA5D icws from halo 4 or 5, made from depron styrofoam from my current local stores that i know and b'cos i...
  4. J

    Progress on custom odst

    Been working on this project slowly for a month and now have to haul ass due to the new deadline. July 19th I will be attending the halo convention in philly hope you guys enjoy disregard the shin armour I'm redoing them to wrap around the shins. I had a couple peices kr scrap foam so I figured...
  5. OTSDerpy

    ODST MK III; “Halo 2 Anniversary”

    So I’m going to try something that has been started by many MANY cosplayers, but never really...fell through. If you don’t know what that is, then let me tell you that it’s the “H2A ODST” from the “MCC.” (Master Chief Collection) So far I did a pretty decent job on starting a template...
  6. Artemis 1

    Halo Reach ODST WIP

    I'm new to using foam but I decided the best place to start would be with the ODST armor. I'm using Andrew DFT's patterns because they looked like an easy start for beginners. I didn't get pictures of the bare chest piece, but at this point I had a protective coat as well as a layer of black...
  7. Sci-Fi World in Helsingborg 2018.

    Sci-Fi World in Helsingborg 2018.

    Me and my bro as our ODSTs at the Sci-Fi world convetion in Helsingborg Sweden!
  8. Sci-Fi World in Helsingborg 2018.

    Sci-Fi World in Helsingborg 2018.

    Me as my ODST ”Tech” at the Sci-Fi world convetion in Helsingborg Sweden!
  9. Sci-Fi World in Helsingborg 2018.

    Sci-Fi World in Helsingborg 2018.

    Me as my ODST ”Tech” at the Sci-Fi world convetion in Helsingborg Sweden!
  10. zhanye

    some projects Im working on

    I've been working on a number of projects and heres some of them
  11. SilentHunter 14

    Hello and i need help :/

    hey guys! i have recently created my first own ODST armor using the DFT Templates. I really like the armor but is it really considered ODST due to some major differences to the original? And my next project will be attempting the Halo 3 ODST armor using the Armory resources..but here comes the...
  12. NScry990

    Finished ODST Cosplay!

    worked on this for about 5 months and am so proud of how the final product turned out! I will soon make a tutorial series on youtube on how to make this exact armor! youtube channel---AlphaWolfArmory--https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8K_VyavYHBo&t=300s FEET FIRST TROOPERS!!
  13. NScry990

    Halo3 ODST build 70%complete!

    It's taking me about four months to make this build! All Eva foam! I am extremely proud of how this is turning out so far, my name concern was making something completely screen accurate and having everything proportionate to me and to each other piece. I will post other pictures to where I got...
  14. DosasterRus

    Mine ODST(Reach) Build

    It was my first work experience with a EVA FOAM. I was crafting it for a month(with painting) For a visor I used a sunscreen membrane and some transparent plastic And i decide to share my result) P.S.Sorry for my English P.S.S. I repaint the armor for a Buck(but I still need to add some details)
  15. OTSDerpy


    Friends! Cohorts! I have good news, I have begun process of the "MK II." So far I have completed the torso piece of a file from vidofnir234 on the Halo 4 pack. My process so far. Pepakura has been very helpful than the last build, though that doesn't mean I wont use the same techniques from time...
  16. sagemaster210v2

    Paint Question

    Hey guys, sorry to ask a stupid question like this but I'm just finishing up my first build and it's about time to paint. I was wanting to know what the best and fastest way to do so is. I do plan to go in with acrylics at the end to weather it a bit, but for base layer/main color, what would...
  17. S

    ODST armor eva foam pepakure file?

    Hello, trying to find where i can get the entire ODST armor for eva foam pepakura, been looking but no luck, can anyone give links to download it? :(
  18. OTSDerpy

    Halo Reach: ODST Mk I

    So I'm starting out my very first Halo build and as you can see, it's of this. As an added note, I'm using most of a "Andrew DFT" tutorials on how to build this, I will only note if the parts are completed, I need help, or if I had to manually stray from the video's tutorial to fit my body. I...