odst helmet


    New helmet did somebody say attachments

    Made a bigger helmet so I figured. Why not make some goofy combos. All attached with magnets so I can change whatever. Still have some work before painting.
  2. Euclid

    Euclid’s ODST Build Thread

    Hey y’all, this is my build thread for my ODST, I’m building a Sean Bradley kit. So far I only have a helmet but I’ll be hopefully getting my kit soon. Any questions feel free to ask! Thanks for stopping by



    My First build thread - ODST

    Hey everyone! New member here and first post so thank you for taking the time to look! I have no background in making anything like this, so just kind of making it up as i go along haha! So this is the beginning of my first ever build! I've always loved the ODST and been following a number of...
  5. B301F422-2A87-40DC-9407-AC72C882BEA9.jpeg


    Sanded and painted
  6. 4BCF83A1-3237-4CA1-A4C9-A9F5E4D8CBF3.jpeg


    Stock xcoser
  7. 8E44EF33-8295-480E-8100-F297C7D3F615.jpeg


    Helmet torch mounted, fans installed and rgb lights installed
  8. Deaths Backhand

    1st Build Backhand's first armor cosplay: ODST

    Hey all! I'm starting my first self-made cosplay. Beginning with a base ODST helmet and then working from there. So far I have purchased: a 35"x 59" sheet of 6mm EVA foam by the Foamory a stack of 8&1/2"x11" cardstock 2 pack utility knifes with extra blades blade sharpener various grit...
  9. IMG_20210915_180526.jpg


    Wip of my halo odst helmet
  10. Screenshot_20210926_144110.jpg


    My new complete halo 3 odst build
  11. Toasterblast

    How should I scale my ODST helmet?

    I'm working on making the ODST/COMM helmet from MCC Halo 3 into a printable and wearable model, and I just want to get a good idea of how big it should be. Are there certain measurements I should take to scale it right? Thanks.
  12. Sparf23


    Greetings, fair denizen! I'm new here, but eager to create a short film about ODSTs, probably set in the late 2530s. I have a certain affection for that which is practical, and I must say, as imposing as the Halo 3: ODST (H3O) ODSTs are, their equipment leaves me wondering where they store 4...
  13. ODST Ike

    New to 405th and building a ODST costume

    Hello I am new to 405th and just recently bought an Xcoser ODST Helemet and been trying to think of cool in game logos to paint on it after I do all my weathering and such was wondering if anyone had any cool ideas other than in game emblems ,thanks
  14. Shadow the ODST

    5 years, 5 long years. thats how long it took me to complete my ODST helmet :D

    started the pep work for this helmet 5 years ago and after several years of mistakes, setbacks, seemingly never ending body filler/sanding and loss of motivation i am finally finished :D its not perfect but i am happy with the results. what you guys think for a first time helmet build?
  15. timmsy2911

    Halo Odst 3d Print Cosplay Build

    I'm currently in the process of making a full 3d printed Odst armour set but am having trouble finding some of the parts that I want to use and have been recommended that I come to look here. The parts I'm looking for are 3d model of Romeo's sniper goggles for the helmet and mickey's heavy...
  16. Deviss65

    Xcoser ODST Helmet Repaint & Potential Full Build

    I guess this is the start of my ODST journey, I've got the skillset now that I think I can create some cosplay work that would be up to my own standard and sorting a helmet is the first part of that journey. I've got a few ideas on how to build the full armour but for now I think well keep this...
  17. ODST Helmet

    ODST Helmet

    And here's the helmet of my ODST, the topping to this beautiful piece. The Helmet is made of EVA Foam which makes it super light and breathable.
  18. Hakuru15

    Finished putting together my Halo 2 Anniversary ODST Helmet

    Finally finished putting together the Pepakura file which is located in the 40th armory: Halo 2 Anniversary ODST Pepakura File I was very surprised in how easy the PDO file was, the folds were really, really easy and i didn't had many problems with it, and i manage to keep it as even as much...
  19. The Black Hatter

    ODST Visor Forms

    Hi y'all. Long story short, I am a member from 10+ years ago who has recently returned. I used to be really into pepakura and prop making but then life kinda got in the way and time passed before i knew it. Here i am now, with time and a renewed interest in returning to the hobby. Anyways, I...
  20. midnightranger

    Foam My ODST foam build

    Hello I’m new here and I am making my second ODST build. My first build was a couple of years ago and it was the Andrew DFT ODST templates I and it turned out fine, but I wanted more detail and game accuracy so I purchased the Hero’s Workshop foam pepakura templates and have been using those. I...
  21. Shadow the ODST

    odst visor help

    been about 4 years since i have been on this website so a bit rusty on how everything works. for the past 4 years i have been trying to make an odst helmet but things like education, work, helping my mum, bloody body filling the helmet (body filler, sand,body filler, sand for the 4 years) and a...
  22. ODST_V1_packed.jpg


    All packed up for the Con.