1. RUST

    Foam ODST Foam build Feet/ Boots first into hell

    Hello there 405th Fam! Been WAY to long since my last project , but now that I finally have some free time, I’m hoping to finally make my helljumper some Boot armor so I can properly drop “feet first into hell”. I’m pretty wet behind the ears with EVA foam working, and was wondering what all...
  2. indigoD0g

    IndigoD0g's Veronica Dare Build

    After finishing Veronica Dare over half a year ago, I thought I'd make a post about how the armor turned out and my experience building it. This post will have pictures from the development of each piece, and as it's my first armor build, be kind! This build was made with Cobalt Eclipse Cosplay...
  3. kahnah

    3D Printed ODST Build

    Hello 405th! It has been a long time, a lot has changed and i'm happy to be back. I don't know how many attempts I am on but I VOW to complete a full Reach ODST build. To start the build I would like to go over my "medium" just incase anyone wants to replicate my build or settings to make their...
  4. FlusherCape26

    Foam Completed Desert ODST Ghillie Suit call sign (Specter 1)

    I'd like to state before going into this post that I really dont have any allegiance or affiliation with the 405th anymore. After the Art-tatorship way back when I left and joined Anvil Station with most of my friends in the Pacific Regiment. With that said this is a Anvil Station build not a...
  5. ODST_V1_405thprop.jpg


    Posing with the prop at the 405th table sci-fi valley con.
  6. ODST_V1_packed.jpg


    All packed up for the Con.
  7. V1ODST.jpg


  8. Dagger06

    Halo 2 Anniversary ODST - A return to form

    Photo by PostConBlues So after a long absence, I've decided to return to the world of Halo costuming. A combination of meeting some local Halo cosplayers as well as Halo: Outpost Discovery reignited my interest. I debated between doing Vale or the Halo 2 ODST, but after various commitments...
  9. Halo Outpost Houston Cosplay Contestants 1

    Halo Outpost Houston Cosplay Contestants 1

  10. image1.jpeg


    just finished the helmet and boots now im ready for comic con
  11. Tech bandit


    want to make a odst helmet and i have no idea where to start
  12. Rock Lobbster

    Working ODST Flip Visor v2

    Hello everyone and thank you for waiting for the v2 ODST Flip visor tutorial! Since I have made the first tutorial over a year ago the helmet has seen many different revisions. This more complex tutorial will go over all the additions made along with a fairly basic guide on how to make on...
  13. SGT Razor

    Never Skip Leg Day - My ODST Leg Armor Upgrades

    Since I rushed my ODST build and used Andrew DFT's templates in order to make it in time for Planet Comicon KC this year, I wasn't too happy with the shins and thigh armor. It's hard to drop feet first into hell if you don't have the proper leg protection, so let's get to work: I wish I had...
  14. ContD

    ODST - UNSC Med Ref

    Hi, I give you some UNSC med ref tags based on Halo Landfall and a tag i've found on internet. I hope you like it.
  15. Shiroppi

    Halo ODST version 3

    Since the last time i post here last year, i finished that one and made another one recently with minor changes to the armor . I did a quick photoshoot with it as soon it's done. I will be getting a new one with a different vest style, color, and 3d printed helmet. Any feedback is appreciated...
  16. ODST Costume.png

    ODST Costume.png

    I am already planning to fix this armor, since I am going to the Halo Outpost Discovery event in Orlando, Florida!
  17. 58724812_2459052784350673_3488180379758624768_o.jpg


    one photo session
  18. Caleb I


    Hello all! I have been for some time wanting to create a Halo cosplay, first starting with a Halo CE Marine (I'll come back to that one in time), now a Halo 3 ODST, and in the future a Mark V build. Note I haven't done anything like cosplay ever so I'm reading a ton and learning a lot but the...
  19. AverageLongjohn

    WIP - Pepakura ODST amour

    "Hello, World." Fitting for a first foray into this community eh? I find myself here because I always wanted to have a halo armor and idealized the 405th and other cosplayers for a very long time. But I never had the confidence to try it. So here I am. I plan on trying to build a full...
  20. 10259844_10202997505573415_8616688448708962503_n.jpg


  21. NobleTravis

    ODST Buckles

    Good Morning All, I’m in the process of 3D Printing my ODST suit (Weta Inspired). There are a few small detailed parts I’ve not be able to find so I decided to make them! First are the buckles for top of the chest armor. I plan on printing, cleaning them up and cold casting the parts.
  22. ODSTOmegaSix

    ODST Dog Tags

    So, as part of my first Halo kit, I’m planning to add set of custom dog tags. The maker I’m going with can do 5 lines per tag. I want to make them both symmetrical but I’m not exactly sure what to put on it, as there are a number of things that I think should be put. These are what I know I have...
  23. ODSTOmegaSix

    ODST, Preparing to Drop

    Hello there! I’m a new member from the Philippines. Im planning to make an ODST costume out of rubber sheet for the major con(or what I think is the major con) of the year. I’ve got a list of parts, and I’ve got AndrewDFT’s tutorials but also wanted to ask for suggestions or ideas. I’m also...
  24. Jack Socal

    ODST Cosplay build process

    I'm about to start building my first ever halo cosplay! I'm gonna be making the Rookie from ODST. But I'm having trouble with the pepakura files because my mac can't open them, is there any place I can get just the ready to print PDF templates?
  25. StereoSolution

    First ODST foam build need help!

    Hello, Ive been a huge halo fan since I could walk and Ive always wanted to create armor from the series. Well with the new outpost event coming up I want to try to attend it with some armor. Ive so far made my ODST helmet from the DFT template but im really wanting to make a suit with more...