1. 10D2C7E2-1D9D-416C-9358-98573DF8B14D.jpeg


    M6c socom assembled and painted
  2. Deaths Backhand

    1st Build Backhand's first armor cosplay: ODST

    Hey all! I'm starting my first self-made cosplay. Beginning with a base ODST helmet and then working from there. So far I have purchased: a 35"x 59" sheet of 6mm EVA foam by the Foamory a stack of 8&1/2"x11" cardstock 2 pack utility knifes with extra blades blade sharpener various grit...
  3. WhenInMaine

    My HD Modular ODST Build. (3D printing/Sewing/CAD)

    Hey 405th team! Its been a shockingly long time since I have uploaded anything onto the forum, but here I am, trying to change that! Long story short, I have finished the first iteration of this suit, (Thanks to everyone following it on facebook and Instagram), but its a really long build, and...
  4. Found another Halo Cosplayer!

    Found another Halo Cosplayer!

    Hanging out at Emerald City Comic Con with another Halo cosplayer!
  5. My ODST Scout posing with scenery

    My ODST Scout posing with scenery

    Found a little scene at Emerald City Comic Con
  6. ODST standing idle

    ODST standing idle

    My ODST Scout Armor at Emerald City Comic Con
  7. IMG_4096.JPG


    Emerald City Comic Con, ODST armor
  8. IMG_4116.JPG


    Emerald City Comic Con - Chilling with the Mandalorian
  9. FriedEggs65

    Halo: Reach/ Halo 3:ODST ODST visor

    So, ever since I was introduced to halo, (Circa 2007) i've been in love with ODSTs, and have built two in my time as a cosplayer. However, in both of those attempts, the one thing i've never been able to get quite right is the visor. For the first one, I used the DFT method of visor (cutting up...
  10. Shadow the ODST

    odst camouflage help

    For my odst build i am using a black and red colour scheme and i was wondering what i should do with the camouflage parts? i have a few ideas like using the default camo or a red and black style camo to fit with my colour scheme but what do you guys think? default: 1: 2: 3: 4: i am...
  11. RadMax117

    Foam “We Are ODST” shot for shot re-creation

    Tried to re-create part of the best live action video game trailers ever! Both armors I made (all foam) with my friend rocking my first set of armor. Shot on an iphone in the backyard during a night of heavy drinking, filmed and directed by my other friend. Ran out of lighter fluid so gas was...
  12. omarZX7

    My first ODST build

    Hi!! I'm Omar, I'm from northern México and this is my first ODST build I made last year for Halloween, but I haven't tried going to any cons with it because of COVID :( I've been always been a lurker in this forum, but I have finally decided to make an account and be a grain of sand by...
  13. Newbsters

    1st Build ODST WIP

    Hope I’m posting this in the right place. Officially starting my ODST build this week so this’ll be my work in progress thread. Starting on soft parts first then I’ll move onto the armor. This is my bucket from Branfuhr Studios. Primered it black to better see any imperfections that need to...
  14. IMG_20210825_210719.jpg


    Wip of the odst shins
  15. Screenshot_20210926_144110.jpg


    My new complete halo 3 odst build
  16. Newbsters

    Halo 3 ODST - References and Questions

    Hello new guy here. After I finished another costume I’m working on my ODST build is next. I already purchased the helmet from Branfuhr Studios and I’m looking for some reference pics right now and I have a few questions too. Doing a game accurate build as this is one of my dream costumes and...
  17. therookiesax

    My ODST Guide, some assembly, mostly purchased

    Hi, all, it's my first post after lurking for quite a while as non member. I wanted to share my walkthrough for buying and putting together an ODST setup. This does require some tools and assembly but wasn't too bad. I'm fairly new to crafting and modding and maybe the hardest thing to figure...
  18. Sgt Whupass

    Rookie ODST Build

    Long time Lurker, first time Build-Thread-Poster. I started my ODST build and decided to go with Rookie because I've got limited imagination and even more limited time to work on this week to week. I build a H3 Master Chief back in 2009-2010 out of pepakura and after practically destroying my...
  19. Toasterblast

    How should I scale my ODST helmet?

    I'm working on making the ODST/COMM helmet from MCC Halo 3 into a printable and wearable model, and I just want to get a good idea of how big it should be. Are there certain measurements I should take to scale it right? Thanks.
  20. MigilVigil

    Making ODST ARMOR out of METAL (UPDATED)

    Hey everyone! Making an updated thread on the metal armor. Got most of the upper body done and I made a new YouTube video on how I made the armor. If you’ve got time to kill, please check it out and leave a like and comment :) I’m very satisfied with the redesigns and can’t wait to get more done.
  21. Sparf23


    Greetings, fair denizen! I'm new here, but eager to create a short film about ODSTs, probably set in the late 2530s. I have a certain affection for that which is practical, and I must say, as imposing as the Halo 3: ODST (H3O) ODSTs are, their equipment leaves me wondering where they store 4...
  22. Shinrazilla

    New recruit - Where to start with Halo 2 ODST costume?

    I have never cosplayed or made any costume before. Everything looks pretty simple to make in this one, but I’m having trouble with the various pockets on the outfit and the helmet. I found this photo of an action figure for reference.
  23. BAG

    1st Build UNSC Air Force Pararescue ODST

    Long time lurker and noob of the 405th here. I have always wanted to build an ODST costume since I first saw them as a child in Halo 2 and now planned on putting a little bit of my own flavor into it, however I had never done any spray painting, sanding, or stenciling work at all. My thoughts...
  24. indigoD0g

    Props IndigoDog's ODST Biofoam Canister Build : Skookum Model

    Have you ever wanted to heal yourself with immeasurable speed? Maybe to fill your lungs up with foam? Well, you've come to the wrong place, because I can show you how to do neither. What I can do, is show you how I made a biofoam canister from ODST. I really strongly recommend that you check out...
  25. indigoD0g

    IndigoD0g's "Captain Veronica Dare" ODST Recon Helmet

    Hey everyone! In my attempt to become more active on this forum, I'd like to include bits of my build that I take pride in so that I can document my progress and help anyone else out that may need it. This helmet was a challenge for me, and I learned a lot from it! This build log contains...