original character

  1. Talisker

    My first build progress! (Will update)

    So here it is my ODST progress, using whereisdanielles files as a starting point (because her work is simply legendary) This is an original idea (I think) for a military police ODST covered in shotgun shells and ready to party, I’m going to be base costing it in satin black the. Decide on a...
  2. FelixMercenary

    Soldier From Original Story

    For a while now, I’ve been writing a sort of biography/history of a fictitious nation I made and as of late, I’ve realized more and more that I can cosplay a soldier from the nation’s super soldier program. The premise is that the nation is a melding of cultures and mentalities, namely Western...
  3. Spartans


    I made these using the Halo 5 game assets the only one not from this site is the Master Chief armor which I think i found on SFMlab and the Textures that i used i found on Facepunch.