1. Phauxelate

    Indoor Painting w/ EVA Foam?

    "Greetings, humans, and welcome to Installation 405. Ignore prior warnings, and please continue on this thread." So here the gist: I'm almost done hot-gluing my Mk. IV Spartan Armor, and it's coming high timey time to start to paintn' the pieces silly. Now, I live in the sweet, sweet college...
  2. reverseflash

    Qi'Ra Nerf blaster mod (Solo film)

    Already done, but thought id show off my first attempt at a paint mod
  3. mawrTRON

    The mawrTRON Procedure™ - Water Based Paint Tutorial

    The weird way mawrTRON uses acrylic paints on foam Introduction: This is a comprehensive guide on how to use acrylic paints to paint/weather armour the way I do.. After using rattle cans on my first 2 suits I decided to give acrylic paints a try. A part from the low cost and low toxicity of...
  4. sagemaster210v2

    Paint Question

    Hey guys, sorry to ask a stupid question like this but I'm just finishing up my first build and it's about time to paint. I was wanting to know what the best and fastest way to do so is. I do plan to go in with acrylics at the end to weather it a bit, but for base layer/main color, what would...
  5. locostorm

    Props questions about painting

    so I recently bought a halo 5 AR and a halo 5 gunfighter magnum and I was thinking about doing the master control skin on both. The only problem I have is that I have never finished a 3d printed prop and I have no clue how I'm going to do it. Does anyone have any pointers for me?
  6. D

    EOD build... Damascus Paintjob?

    Hello everybody. I'm currently engaged in making a Foam EOD build, and have been trying to decide what sort of color scheme I would like. I dig the idea of white, kinda looks stormtrooper-y. But last night I was thinking maybe, just maybe it'd look cool as an 'unpainted' metal. To which I...
  7. mike bike

    Filling primer? Painting techniques

    Has anyone used a filling primer rather then a standard primer? I think it might help with smoothing out the piece. Also would you recommend painting a primer down then silver then black. (Black is the color of the armor) or would primer then black, then hitting it with silver edges and details...
  8. MepeS11

    Paint Suggestions

    Any suggestions for making red pain look metallic with it having a pink tint or being glittery? I've had a few suggestions I have not tried yet, and I'm thinking I may have to go with automotive paint, but if I can avoid doing so it would be nice!