1. Zachary

    Props 3D Printed Brute Plasma Riffle

    Hi everyone! in this thread i will cover the assembly, electronics, finishing and painting of a 3D printed Plasma riffle kit from rogue workshop. this project was steched out over almost 2 years (the project itself being shleved for 1.5 years. due to this, some documentation is missing and i...
  2. NK4U

    Help filling seams on foam

    Hi all I’m new to cosplay and decided to learn the foam workflow by making shoulder pads. After a few attempts I finally have 2 shoulders that are good enough to paint but I’m going to learn to paint on the old ones before I ruin these good ones. Im using Kwik Seal caulk for the seams on a...
  3. commanderwyro

    Help with Paint color

    So i am redoing lots of my halo infinite master chief. and in part of that i am deciding to repaint it. id like to airbrush it if possible but having trouble picking out that shade of green. i feel like each trailer his green looks slightly different but id like to keep it fairly similar to the...
  4. Deviss65

    Xcoser ODST Helmet Repaint & Potential Full Build

    I guess this is the start of my ODST journey, I've got the skillset now that I think I can create some cosplay work that would be up to my own standard and sorting a helmet is the first part of that journey. I've got a few ideas on how to build the full armour but for now I think well keep this...
  5. BigMoney911

    Spray Paint - MOLOTOW brand? Enamel vs Acrylic for Foam?

    Hey team, almost finished my Halo CE Build. I'm looking for the right shade of Green. I'm in NZ so I don't have access to Kryolan, and Rustoleum is limited. Luckily, the local Art Store has a tonne of spraypaint available in the MOLOTOW Range, which is specifically marketed towards Graffiti...
  6. S

    Covering visor for painting

    I have my helmet mostly as I like it, but the epoxy putty I put around the visor is noticeably green. I'm wondering what the best way to cover up the visor for repainting would be. I am unable to just use a brush as I'm not good at mixing colors.
  7. HawkB224

    First (Halo4/5) armor- EOD helmet with Defender armor (WIP)

    Hey there! It's my first time on this forum so I'm sorry if I'm a bit awkward- I've been waiting a while on doing this project, waiting on the right opportunity and all, and I've finally gotten to it! This Armor set combination is based on both a Halo Character I made a while ago, mainly for...
  8. TheJohnW3d

    ODST Paint

    Hey Everyone! Im having some trouble figuring out exactly which paint to use for my ODST build. It appears as if its some kind of metal gray or gunmetal? and somtimes it appears matte and has scratches to reveal a silver fresh exposed metal. Would love to see pictures and recommendations :)...
  9. reverseflash

    Props Halo 5 BoomCo Pistol Paintjob

    So I've posted a few threads a long time ago but never followed up or completed the project. THIS one I will. I plan to make a SPI armor suit, and to come with it, I will be painting up this BoomCo pistol. I will post images of my progress; this is my second time modifying a weapon.
  10. Shagohod

    Re finishing EVA foam

    Well my halo reach spartan has seen better days before otafest /canada day, so I'm thinking of adding new parts to it and repainting it what would best for that im thinking of hitting it with a mouse sander gently then getting plasta-dip then using "golden" brand of acrylic paint is. Any advice?
  11. mawrTRON

    The mawrTRON Procedure™ - Water Based Paint Tutorial

    The weird way mawrTRON uses acrylic paints on foam Introduction: This is a comprehensive guide on how to use acrylic paints to paint/weather armour the way I do.. After using rattle cans on my first 2 suits I decided to give acrylic paints a try. A part from the low cost and low toxicity of...