pepakura first timer

  1. LeastFamousStev

    Need help with Pepakura, weird seam line/edge issue

    Hey 405th, has anyone seen this before? I get weird seam lines/edges in Pepakura after bringing in models from Blender, which makes my unfolds janky, and I don't know why. Any help or insight is greatly appreciated! Here was my process to get to this point: - downloaded a mix of 3D files from...
  2. C

    Pepakura fiberglass alternative

    Hi everyone! As some may know, I have made quite a few builds in the past mostly using foam patterns on pepakura designer. I want to try something new and make a build using the old pepakura method that involves using paper patterns and fiberglass resin and such. I was wondering are there any...
  3. EvanH

    Something went right!

    Gauntlet piece actually assembled properly !
  4. WildBio

    I Need Wisdom Making Jun A266's Armor

    Hello! I am posting this thread because I am getting started in making a Jun A266 Cosplay, and I'm already confused. I've already got the Latest Jun A266 Pepakura downloaded and it's like looking at an advanced math textbook. I see there are files that end in cnm, pdo, and foam. And...
  5. jegatherdomnai

    what resin do i use?

    I need a cheap and non toxic resin that could coat a few helmets I do not have a respirator and have a price range of about $30
  6. SecretJedi0321

    Unfold Help Needed - Dark Trooper Helmet

    I have this Dark Trooper Helmet 3D model that needs to manually unfolded in Pepakura so it can be assembled with EVA foam. The Auto-Unfold creates some really weird shapes. I'm new to Pepakura and cosplay in general. Could I get some help? I've attached a photo below and can attach the model later.
  7. Tru3Shot

    My First pepakura helmet

    I have been in the 405th for a couple of weeks silent and have never built a Pepakura helmet, I've decided to take a stab at it and see how it goes! I'm going to build a halo 3 scout helmet. I'll update the thread as I go through the helmet. I also might be doing some 3D printing of other...
  8. HiddenHunter

    Confusion with foam and pepakura

    I've been wanting to create a set out of armor out of foam and heard that the Halo 3 ODST 1.2 armor from the armory would be a good start. While I have some basic understanding on pepakura and its assembly, but I have zero clues on how to use templates meant for foam. From where to attach...
  9. Flaminshotgun

    (Almost) Finished Halo Reach Pepakura and Foam Hybrid Spartan Suit

    It's been a year in the making, but I am FINALLY 99% finished. The only thing left to do is put the visor into the helmet and pad it so it can actually be worn. Hope it looks good, tell me all what you think please!
  10. FalseShepherd

    ODST Build 1: The Journey Begins

    First suit of armor! First time experimenting with cosplay! First time using pepakura! THIS WILL BE A TOTALLY NOOB BUILD! Here's the background: I got it into my head to make a helmet for decoration in my gaming room. I have been a lifelong Halo fan and was fascinated by the idea of building...
  11. C

    Question about pepakura lines

    Hey everyone, I have just finished cutting out all of the pieces for my Halo Reach Mk V helmet and began folding. Only problem is that when I'm folding there are these solid black lines that go into the bulk of the piece. Trying to fold around these lines is kinda difficult, so I was wondering...
  12. Caleb I


    Hello all! I have been for some time wanting to create a Halo cosplay, first starting with a Halo CE Marine (I'll come back to that one in time), now a Halo 3 ODST, and in the future a Mark V build. Note I haven't done anything like cosplay ever so I'm reading a ton and learning a lot but the...
  13. BlizzyBee

    Scaling Centurion Armor Helmet Halo 5 help

    hej there everyone :) i'm a new member to the 405th forums but ive been a maker for a few years now, although i am new to pepakura and thats where im asking for help i've followed several guides on scaling halo armor for pep but i cant seem to get it right ( i guess i have a weird head shape)...
  14. AverageLongjohn

    WIP - Pepakura ODST amour

    "Hello, World." Fitting for a first foray into this community eh? I find myself here because I always wanted to have a halo armor and idealized the 405th and other cosplayers for a very long time. But I never had the confidence to try it. So here I am. I plan on trying to build a full...
  15. BioQuake

    Halo Reach Jorge build - WIP (Will be pic heavy)

    I've been wanting to do something like this for a while. The MCC including Reach being announced for PC was the final push over the edge I needed to get started on my first ever cosplay build. It's my first time ever working with Pepakura, so it'll be a fun learning experience. If you have any...
  16. kcarl

    What is under armour?

    My son and I are creating a MarkVI costume out of pepakura designs and foam EVA. What do you use to attach the armour to? I've read of motorcycle gear, but that's way to expensive. Any other ideas would be sooooo greatly appreciated Halloween is fast approaching.! Thanks!
  17. TillXValhalla

    Help With ODST Pep.

    This may be a Noob question and im sure its covered somewhere, Somewhere i have not been able to find despite searching but if i were to use the ODST Dutch pep file what would i have to do to the scaling? I only ask instead of trial and error as im trying to have this done by June 15th for...
  18. LuckyTux

    Can anyone help me convert a .pdo file to an .obj?

    Hey! I recently got my hands on this AMAZING custom weapon from My Hero Academia that I want to use in my next cosplay for Halo; however. I don't have Pepakura with a key to transfer it. Does anyone have a copy with a key that can quickly export it as an .obj? In return, they can keep a copy of...
  19. RagtagVenom

    Tips for Converting Pep Files to Foam

    This should be the last struggle-help post I make for a while; at least I hope so anyways. Basically my issue is; I found the pep files for the armor I want to craft; Hellcat to be precise. Halo 5: Guardians - MJOLNIR GEN2 - Hellcat My issue is I wanna build it out of Foam and these are Pep...
  20. V

    Editing on Pepakura and Printing

    Once I have downloaded the model/schematics I want, how do I go about editing them to fit my size, as well as how do I print them off, on any regular printer? I have this special Textured paper but I just need to know the basics of getting this started so I can work through and do the rest. This...
  21. ethan891229

    HELP!! rookie needs help!!PLEASE

    Hi i'm Ethan, i got some questions to ask about pepakura halo helmets 1.what kind of paper should i use 2.what kind of resin should i use? fast-dry or slow-dry? 3.what kind of bondo should i use? fiberglass bondo or highheat bondo? 4.what kind of paint should i use to paint the...
  22. P

    First Time Pepakura Noob full RC Build (sev)!

    Before I start I think its important to get a few things off my chest... You guys/girls are an absolute inspiration and have my upmost respect! I have been floating around the 405th as a guest and then member mesmorised by the amazing suits/creations you people have built! For the last few years...