1. Cheyenne77

    Firefall Helmet help???

    Firefall Helmet? Help me please
  2. C

    Mark 7 remake 1 year later edition

    Hello everyone! I'm back with another build after starting my first year in college! I'm Remaking some parts of my Mark 7 build hopefully by reusing previous parts. I learned a lot from my many builds since last year and I took the opportunity to improve my crafting skills. The pieces I have to...
  3. ChoppedLuck

    3D models to pepakura

    I’m looking to convert 3D armor models that are made for 3D printers, into foam pepakura templates. I can’t find any good video tutorials on YouTube, I’ve only found maybe 3 and they aren’t really that great. Does anyone know any tutorials or websites or even threads that could help me out? Or...
  4. T

    ALL Gears Of War Carmine Helmets?

    Hi does anyone have any of the Carmine helmets from gears of war (paper build) I want to make one of each for a friends birthday Clayton Anthony Benjamin and the glasses of gary if anyone could help me get the files i will be very grateful thanks
  5. ODCA

    Foam ODCA's infinite Fred-104 armor build

    Hello, lovely people of the 405th, I think it's about time I started building an armor set of my own again! we're planning to have a Mexican regiment reunion by this year's December, and I've got to show up in armor! I've decided to go with the halo infinite style of Fred's armor (as seen on...
  6. LeastFamousStev

    Need help with Pepakura, weird seam line/edge issue

    Hey 405th, has anyone seen this before? I get weird seam lines/edges in Pepakura after bringing in models from Blender, which makes my unfolds janky, and I don't know why. Any help or insight is greatly appreciated! Here was my process to get to this point: - downloaded a mix of 3D files from...
  7. ManAtArmsProps

    Fallout 4 Pepakura Files - Free Files

    Since Etsy isn´t worth it anymore and because of the high amount of taxes and fees, i uploaded all my stl files on Cults3d and also decided to give the pepakura files for free here. Hope some of you could use them ;-) Far Harbor Combat Helmet: CAHelmetFH.rar Far Harbor Diver Helmet: Diver...
  8. C

    Pepakura fiberglass alternative

    Hi everyone! As some may know, I have made quite a few builds in the past mostly using foam patterns on pepakura designer. I want to try something new and make a build using the old pepakura method that involves using paper patterns and fiberglass resin and such. I was wondering are there any...
  9. PlanetAlexander

    Foam vs Pepakura Unfolds - A Guide to the Difference

    I’ve seen a few times ‘round the forums where people have asked what the difference between a foam unfold and a pepakura (AKA pep, paper craft) unfold is. There’s a few key differences between them, so I’ve decided to write a short guide to help shine some light on the subject. In this guide I...
  10. HydrolicToaster

    An Old Noob

    Hey all! I'm back again to try my hand at making a set of armor. I've been a member of this site for around 10 years and try my hand at making it every few years. It usually ends up in failure as I could never get the sizing right. Previously I had used the pepakura method. It used to take me...
  11. EvanH

    Pepakura Armorsmith Printing issues

    I've been looking into this all day and I can't seem to find a solution, my cardstock prints are all coming out with this margin and I can't figure out how to disable it. If anyone knows a solution to this please let me know! :)
  12. BeardlessDwarf

    (I'm a noob here) Any Pepakura files for the Sarah Palmer scout helmet?

    I've searched all the archives and all over the internet, and I can't seem to find a file for the scout helmet that isn't outdated. Any help? I'm also new to Pepakura, this is my first build. I could also use some help in how to make it more durable. I've seen helmets that use fiberglass to...
  13. HaloReach1827

    Best method of helmet and armor making (halo reach)

    Pepakura, 3D printing, Eva foam, which one gets the best details and looks?
  14. HaloReach1827

    Halo Reach Noble Six Replica cosplay

    Hey guys! I'm new to Halo Cosplay but have an undying love for Halo Reach and Noble six! I'm planning to make a cosplay for the character but need help and pointers so I don't screw up. I'm looking into more of a pepakura process with bondo and fiber glass but i need more info regarding that...
  15. C

    Pepakura help

    I tried doing pepakura for the first time a few weeks ago. I had a problem when adding resin to my finished model. The resin directions said to put it in a warm environment to cast properly but it did not cast after I put my cast in a warm place after adding a few layers of resin. Any tips on...
  16. FebruaryGemini

    Portable Gravity Lift

    Can someone who knows Pepakura better than I do render/unfold the Portable Gravity Lift? Preferably in its undeployed state. It's used as an AI storage device in RvB, and I really want a miniature version (~5cm) hanging from my key chain. What I want to end up with gives me the impression of a...
  17. GrievousProps

    Foam Halo Infinite Mjolnir MK VII Armor WIP

    Hello Everyone! This is one of my first few posts and I just wanted to put a couple of the projects I am currently working on out there! This is a MK VII helmet from the multiplayer of halo infinite (and now MCC) made out of foam using templates created by other amazing creators and 3D modelers...
  18. kschlege

    1st Build Master Chief Gen 2 Armor

    I should start with a little backstory. For the past year I have started liking different types of armor, mainly sci-fi and powered armors. I've always known about Halo but haven't been interested in FPS games. I downloaded MCC a year ago and have played half of the Reach campaign, half of the...
  19. mardJaderp

    Pepakura H:R MJOLNIR Cosplay

    I really want the ODST cosplay (Pepakura - H2A ODST Cosplay) to come to fruition, but its going to take awhile to set up all the files. As a backup plan, I shall work on a set of MJOLNIR armor from Reach. Luckily, unlike the ODST armor, there are files for all the pieces within 405th and out. So...
  20. mardJaderp

    Pepakura H2A ODST Cosplay

    I've known about 405th for awhile, but it wasn't until now I decided to scroll through the threads. Recently I've gotten into the ODSTs more than the Spartans, but I more specifically gotten into the Halo 2 (Anniversary) ODSTs. For some reason, I find them a bit more appealing than the Halo 3...
  21. jegatherdomnai

    i have been making a halo five arbiter but the armour is not very realistic. could someone unfold a halo 5 arbiter armour in foam?

    i have been making a halo 5 arbiter costume but it does not look realistic. could someone unfold a halo five arbiter costume for foam?
  22. SecretJedi0321

    Unfold Help Needed - Dark Trooper Helmet

    I have this Dark Trooper Helmet 3D model that needs to manually unfolded in Pepakura so it can be assembled with EVA foam. The Auto-Unfold creates some really weird shapes. I'm new to Pepakura and cosplay in general. Could I get some help? I've attached a photo below and can attach the model later.
  23. Lonewolfhowling

    Needing advice

    Hey everyone! I'm a new member, and fairly new to costume and prop making as well. I understand there are probably a bunch of threads already informing others on what to do, or how they can improve their craft, but I am asking for some personal advice. I started this project late last year...
  24. ODCA

    ODCA's foam unfolds (and unfold requests)

    Hello 405th! Recently I've been unfolding a lot of pepakura files for foam and learning a lot of neat tricks with the program And I wanted to give back to the community that has done so much for me So I'm making this thread to post the unfolds I make and I'll also be taking unfold requests for...
  25. Zachary

    H5 Spartan Fred 2.0 Cosplay Build Log

    2020-12-27 Log 1 This log in this thread will be mainly to lay down what i have at the moment and what i need to do starting from here! Disclaimer, I'm a full time university student with a part time job, this thread could go inactive for a few months! So 2 years ago, I started my first version...