1. M

    Pepakura Armor Help

    I am planning on being my costume spartan soldier from Halo: Reach. I need the links to the Pepakura template downloads for these parts The list below is what my armor consist of: Helmet: MJOLNIR Mk. V (With that little thing on the side of the helmet) Left Shoulder: Grenadier Right Shoulder...
  2. mike bike

    Foam for inside of fiberglassed helmet?

    I just finished fiberglassing my helmet and there is of course fiberglass all in the inside. What is the best method to cover that? For the other parts i used craft foam, but i think it will be way to warm for a helmet. But maybe with fans and vents it will work. What did you guys do?
  3. HeyYouShutUp

    Old Database Troubles

    When I try to sign in to the old data base I get a error message below. The information is in fact correct its the same I use to sign onto this site. Any help will be appreciated :)

    PDF Halo Reach Grenade Pepakur, pls

    I already searched the site and did not find it! In the old site you can not register ... !! ?? Can anyone help (UPLOAD) with PDF or PDO !!
  5. ToxicTurnip

    Fallout power armour Papakura

    Im wanting to make a full set of either T-45d or T-60 Power armour from the fallout franchise but I can only find files for helmets and not a full suit, anyone know where I might find these?
  6. T

    Halo MK IV foam

    Hello all, with Halo Wars 2 just around the corner, I want to try and build a suitof the MK IV armour the spartans use in the game. I was just wondering if anyone has a full set of foam pepakura files I could use to accomplish this all help is appreciated many thanks!
  7. VanessaSelden

    Trouble making PDF

    So I got a file for H4 Scout Helmet by Master B and I followed all the instructions on how to convert the PDO into a PDF file and yet it's still the text. I followed the instructions to the letter so if someone could help me out here, that would be absolutely lovely.
  8. H

    Star Wars Commander Cody Helmet Unfold HELP

    Hey! I have a Commander Cody pepakura helmet file and I'd need help getting a proper unfold. There is already an unfold provided with the file but it's not a very good one and I lack the skills to fix it myself. If you feel interested in sharing this project with me, I'll pm you the file so we...
  9. J

    Looking for Pepakura Files

    Hello! I'm a noob to the 405th, and I am looking for some Pepakura files for the following: Helmet: Mark V (Halo CE) Everything else: Halo 3 Mark VI Can someone provide the files and the give me advice for starting my first set of armor?
  10. V

    Can't find any PEP files for ODST shins or forearms

    Hello people, Right now i'm making a full suit of ODST armor from halo 3: ODST. I've currently got the shoulders, chest and stomach plates made but after some very extensive searching I cant find any PEP files for the leg or forearm armors pieces. For the other pieces I used kirrou's files...
  11. U

    Where do you get pep files?

    i remember there was a file archive on the old website, but since it doesn't work anymore where is the new one? if there is none at the moment will it be added soon? thanks