1. NewBrody

    Becoming an Active community member

    This is long overdue but I finally joined the community. Some of you have probably seen some of my photography over the years as I've met and worked with some of you. Been an outside observer for years, but no more. Thanks to my friend Schankerz badgering me for years to join I am finally joined...
  2. RandomRanger

    Reference Packs Index

    This index is simply a collection of various image reference packs that have been created by volunteers. 343i Official Cosplay Reference Packs Official 343i Cosplay Guide: The Rookie Halo 3 ODST Rookie Official 343i Cosplay Guide: SPARTAN MK. VII [GEN3] Halo Infinite Mk VII Halo CE Marines...
  3. pipninja

    Hey, anyone need a photographer?

    Hey guys! So some recent news from me. Here in the coming week, I'm finally coming back in full swing for cosplay! However, I'm not the only one in my family returning to their hobby! My wife is a photographer, and recently she is devoting more time to it! she is trying to build her portfolio...
  4. mike bike

    Completed Recon armor!

    Only a year and a half in the making and the most time i ever spent on anything. It was amazing to see it complete and everyones reactions! I do need to repair it the end of the day all my straps failed and was basically carrying everything but now i know what to fix!