plasma rifle

  1. Wesley117

    Jasman Plasma Pistol Parts

    I finally tracked down a Jasman laser tag plasma pistol that wasn’t in the box (so it was cheaper and I don’t feel like a monster messing around with it). It’s one of the 1st gens that does not have the node-connection on the front and the top panel pops up when it overheats. Here is my issue...
  2. Wesley117

    Jasman Plasma Rifle wiring

    I put batteries in my plasma rifle for the first time in a while and the rumble function wasn’t working. I carefully took it apart and was able to fix that. (On a side note, there is an old post where someone was asking how to fully disassemble the plasma rifle and they never got an answer...
  3. Island Hopper

    Elite plasma rifle

    Howdy folks, it’s been a while. Had the privilege of being the first to receive one of Zachary’s plasma rifle kits. So far the kit is fully smoothed out and I’m waiting on paints to get here
  4. S225

    Halo Reach Spartan Build

    I've finally started building my Reach MKV suit. Years ago I started one with paper and later foam, and now I have begun 3D printing what I hope will be my perfect suit. This is my end goal. Last night the left forearm finished and I will be expanding out from there. After adding some minor...