1. Scarlet Impaler

    Jakks-Pacific Plasma Pistol fix?

    Maybe someone can help me out with this ancient thing. I have a Jakks-Pacific Halo 3 Plasma Pistol from their laser-tag line. The problem is that the venting cover motor does not cycle enough to trigger the latching mechanism. Anyone got advice for this? I think it just needs a new motor, but...
  2. Screenshot_20210926_144110.jpg


    My new complete halo 3 odst build
  3. jegatherdomnai

    halo plasma pistol templates

    here are some hd templates for the plasma pistol:
  4. ArBiTeR1400

    Disguise brand, Covenant weapons

    So my Brute Plasma Rifles came from the U.S, quite happy with em. It is 33cm/13 inches long & 20cm/8 inches height, so they're small, my Elite controller is there for size preference to give you the general idea how big it is. Got a Plasma Pistol & Needler coming as well, so I'll be giving...