power armor

  1. he4thbar

    He4thbar's Fallout 3 t-45d BOS outcast power armor(COMPLETED)

    COMPLETED: PDO, ADO and OBJ Files here: ARMORVERSE LINK If you can't find it in the PDO, check the OBJ folder. though you will have to do the unfold yourself most likely. these are pep files you will need to convert to foam. If you have armorsmith you can use my foam unfolds via .ado files...
  2. D

    Real life Power Armor project.

    Heyy guys! The last time i was on this forum was when i made my cardboard Jorge armor back in 2011. Mark V Grenadier (reach) CardBoard WIP It's been 6 years since i ever worked on an armor. I have worked on some minor projects like this one for a armor like armplate that holds my phone with...
  3. I

    Recently recruited

    Hi I apologies in advance for my spelling, sentence structure and general stupidity in my questions but truth be told I need dire help. Im an avid builder trying to explore new heights, i discovered this website while searching for power armour tutorials. i have zero experience in everything...
  4. ToxicTurnip

    Fallout power armour Papakura

    Im wanting to make a full set of either T-45d or T-60 Power armour from the fallout franchise but I can only find files for helmets and not a full suit, anyone know where I might find these?
  5. U

    Fallout 4 t-60 helmet

    This is my first real post on my second project. I built 30% of a Halo MC helmet before but now its sitting in the corner of my basement hope this one doesn't end up the same here's what I have so far (phone camera so image quality is probably not amazing): appreciate any comments or advice...