1. S

    First helmet.

    I'm making mark Vii armor and the helmet is giving me a ton of gip with the seams and the angles its all sitting at. Anyone got any advice for it?
  2. Haydenator

    Under Layers

    Hey everyone! Was wondering if there were anything I could wear underneath the foam bits and such to glue thing to. I was looking at morph suits or spandex suits and it seems there may be a problem in my case so any help there would be A+ and also, are there any good sewing tutorials out there...
  3. Lord of Reach

    First post, need help with fiberglass

    Hi! I've been reading a lot of tutorials before I started to build my armor, but I haven't found anything about my problem. I started working on my own armor like a week ago, but before that I was making Andrew dft's ODST foam armor, but I just didn´t like how it was looking, and the helmet...
  4. C

    Bugs and Problems downloading files

    While trying to download several pepkura armor pieces, it continues to re-direct to me to a spam page and insist I download Stream-it search. I looked for a shared file area that was mentioned in another thread but I can not find it. I have pepkura downloaded, just need the files. Can...
  5. T


    I was wandering around the site, exploring its new quarters, and it seems there is a problem with the Signature system. As most of us quite enjoy customizing our signatures, I'm sure at least some of us have noticed that signatures are now restricted to 2 lines and 187 characters (or 153 if...