project: mjolnir

  1. Installation00

    MJOLNIR working HUD

    Hey everyone, I'm Installation00, the Halo Youtuber. I'm new to the 405th but been keeping an eye on events here for a long time. Just thought I'd pop on and share a little progress update. For those who don't know, I've been putting effort into creating Halo technology in real life. I have...
  2. Holo4.jpg


    Making this, at least to my research, the only fully Titanium, MJOLNIR Helmet with fully functioning HUD systems in the world.
  3. Holo3.jpg


    Then it will be time to get the Helmet professionally printed via a DMLS Printer, in Titanium.
  4. Holo2.jpg


    The Hololens 2 fits perfectly, just have to print it in PLA first to get the fittings and fixtures right.
  5. Holo1.jpg


    Looking to fit the Hololens 2 within a MJOLNIR GEN3 helmet.