prop guns

  1. Dylan Rutland

    Nerf Zombie Strike To Brute Spiker

    I’m new to the 405th, but I figured I’d show a little WIP I have right now. I decided to take the Nerf Zombie Strike gun and make a Brute Spike. I don’t have access to any super fancy tech so I just used what I have access too for other WIPs. It’s not an exact process, I’m really just going with...
  2. BabyLegs

    Starting back again after 5 years, working on a 3D printed assault rifle with moving parts

    So I got the file off of thingiverse by oddworks, it was listed as a ma5b but looks like the ma5d if I remember correctly, anyways I’ve made a good bit of progress before this post so far. As of right now I need to get more material to continue, wait times are longer due to the virus so here’s...
  3. Yelectric

    Props CE magnum build, airsoft blowback, 3D printed

    Aight, the HALO CE magnum was the first thing I ever tried to model 5 years ago in solidworks. I gave it another shot and CAD’d a 4 piece shell, plus trigger, slide locks, magazine, and magazine release over a weekend. My printer burned down but after I got sent a new one last month, I finally...
  4. Ean Evans

    Halo 3 Rocket Launcher Prop

    Hello guys! Today I will be showing you my first attempt at building a weapon without a template. This launcher was built back in April of 2019. This may not be my most attractive prop, but its the biggest. It was built by using the biggest PVC polls I could find, then building the handle and...
  5. Ean Evans

    A bunch of Halo weapons!

    So Instead of posting all the guns one by one, I decided to just post them all together. Most of them have been made using Andrew DFTs templates. If you have any questions please ask! Note that these do include some of my first guns so I have adapted and changed a lot since day one. Also, this...