1. Halo 3

    Halo 3

    Commission work. Just finished priming this beast
  2. 5trangerte

    Destiny Damaged Last City Ghost Build

    Thought Id show off my Destiny Ghost for a first post! Its built from Pepakura. Personally I love anything super weathered and battle damaged, so I had to do this shell type. The LED is real and can switch on and off with a discreet button on the back. It's also the first time using LEDS in any...
  3. Revenant1988

    Legendary Wall Trophy (V3)

    So I've been making these things since 2014, but never got around to posting a build thread. Well, no more! The design has gone through several changes over the years and I'm currently on version 3.0 of the kit. I do have plans for a V4. Originally I wanted to make one because I've always...
  4. ODCA

    Props Foam Needler Commission WIP

    hello everyone! I'm finally back posting threads on the forum after quite some time! I recently got a commission to build a halo reach style needler what I'm planning to do is build everything out of laser engraved EVA foam, similar to how I built my plasma rifle last year with some...
  5. Rosebud

    Operation Mini-Spartans (Plush Edition)

    This entire project was started by me needing to make Christmas presents: Let me explain. I've always like small things like dolls, action figures, lego figures, etc. When Christmas came around I had been thinking about making felt dolls and finally decided to make one for a friend I would be...
  6. Yelectric

    3D printed operational gugnir, AR PLA

    Good afternoon everybody. I made this helmet because I wanted a 3D headset off of one of the coolest helmets in the franchise in my opinion, the gugnir. It was made off of a base model on thingiverse and was a PAIN to make. 1.5 years, 3 attempts of trying to scale, shell, and cram a vr system in...
  7. SgtSkittle117

    Jasmin Plasma Rifle Repaint

    Hey Everyone. I recently bought the laser tag Plasma Rifle. I was thinking of making the rifle have a more accurate paint to it, I decided to take it apart and repainting to the Brute Plasma Rifle. I bought 100 bumpers at first, when they got delivered I knew I had to buy more. So I bought...
  8. Rusty 714

    Prop gun orange tip laws

    I don't know if there is already a thread asking about this but I couldn't find one. What are the rules for carrying a fake gun in public. Not to a specific place or a con or something just, you know, around. Example: if I wanted to make a fan film at, let's say, a park, and I wanted to bring...
  9. TechTree

    Halo 5 Gravity Hammer 3D Print

    I made a Halo 5 Gravity Hammer for 3D printing. Here is my small scale test print at about 1/4 size. I modeled it to be as close to the real thing as I possibly know how to make it but with a few minor changes to speed up the modeling process and make printing it easier. If you guys have any...
  10. PlanetAlexander

    Combat Evolved Assault Rifle Prop

    To go along with my Combat Evolved Marine cosplay, I'll be making the assault rifle from the same game - a classic combo. I've started to draw the template for it based off a screengrab, trying to take into account the perspective view: Although while making it I had one question: where is...
  11. ReClaimer8015

    Props ReClaimers Halo Props of all kinds

    Hi there fellas! i am back again with new stuff! Neglecting old things as always... This thread is all about halo related props i come up with. Be it weapons, normal (bt overlooked) objects from the halo universe, halo themed accesoires, gimmicks, etc. I am going to start this of with an alltime...
  12. CoolRextreme

    Props So I got a 3D printer last week

    3 days in Blender later... A pistol? Not just ANY pistol... It's pistol with a WORKING slide and removable magazine + accessories. Did I mention its the M6B Magnum? But seriously. I have spend 3 days looking at the same side/front/back picture of the Halo Reach...
  13. Shadow Of Intent

    Soldier 76 Pulse Rifle

    Another one of the projects that I never got round to uploading from a couple of years ago, this is based on the gold skin verson of the Pulse Rifle but with some slightly Halo fuel rod gun inspired lighting. These first images show how the majority of the rifle was made using a version of the...
  14. Shadow Of Intent

    Amanda Holliday's Space Wrench (Destiny)

    It's been a while since I last posted on here, partly due to the long periods of downtime and issues with the image hosting sites, but since there's now a dedicated sub-forum for it I figured I'd share some of my non-Halo props (Most still fall within the genre of sci-fi video games). This...
  15. Harri51

    Props The big daddy SPNKr

    Hey gang, been...well FOREVER!!!! anyways I have been try to get better and work more on stuff with halo. so instead of me making a rifle 6 times and a pistol, well you get it I went right up to the big guns. I am a huge heavy weapons user in the games so I wanted my rocket launcher. Then...
  16. Rock Lobbster

    MA37 ICWS

    This is a little build log of my MA37 prop. I started by 3d printing a base and ended up having to rescale the mag to get it to fit properly After a copious amount of sanding, bondo, caulk, and other filler it was time to paint! I started by spraying it all black with $1 Walmart Spraypaint...
  17. ReClaimer8015

    FFA series number 22: Janus Key

    Happy New Year to y`all! To continue the series, i give you this model to play with. Another little item i personally found interesting: The Janus Key - as i interpret it. Don`t tell Halsey, i think she would try everything to get her hands, aheem cough...... her hand on it:p Here my...
  18. Ronin Armory

    Halo 5 Guardians ONI Chaingun Built

    Hello everyone, It has been a while since I've made another Halo built and this time I am going for a Chaingun from Halo 5 Guardians! Take note this built took me 3 and a half days, I will go through step by step and will show you my time stamp on how I tackled this built. The end product is a...
  19. ReClaimer8015

    Cyberpunk 2077 Logo

    Hey, some of you might already know about the upcoming CD Projekt Red Game. It is some time in development already - 6 years already i believe, lol! :lol: So i am quite hyped, as a Fan of the Cyberpunk Genre why wouldn`t i, and was planning on doing some gimmicks and stuff...... The Trailers...
  20. sfritts10

    Props Halo MA5D BoomCo Conversion

    Hi everyone! Glad to be a member of the 405th Figured I’d make my first contribution by showing my first Halo prop, a BoomCo MA5D Assault Rifle repainted to represent a combination of the Halo 3 and Halo 4 versions of the AR. PHOTOS INBOUND, let me know what you guys think!
  21. CPO mendez

    Props "I Need A Weapon" - CnC Props For Mold Making and Casting [VOTE INSIDE]

    Hello 405th! i'm back with another prop project for y'all! this one will have more community involvement, more pictures, and more advanced tech! So, to start, this entire project came around because my University (previously featured in my 3D Printed Props thread) gave me access to this A B S...
  22. Deviss

    Beginning ODST armour build (Helmet).

    So I've started my first ODST armour build, luckily my background is in Industrial design so shouldn't be too much of an undertaking. Im using the Rookie file by Rundown as a base for my build.
  23. TheSafariMan

    Props Halo Boomco Brute Spikers!

    Hey everyone! Painted up some more Brute Spikers, got them for 6 dollars a piece during an Amazon Prime sale! Anyway, just wanted to share them with you. :)
  24. Gizinski117

    costume fitting

    So I am about 6'3" and was wondering if I should do a master chief or a ODST costume, and what template would fit me since I am tall. I very new to this and would like to know the best way to make a suit that would fit me and it I should print templates off or go off of what looks best on me...
  25. Creazywars

    Props I am looking for weapon 3D models

    Hi right now i am looking for covenant carbine & the magnum but if you have a link or more model i would help lots thanks. edit: plus i love the helmets so if you have models it would be awesome Creazywars