1. C

    BR75 Size

    Does anybody know the actual dimensions of a BR75 from Halo Infinite?
  2. Emp Frosty

    Frosty's Misc. Builds

    Opening up this thread to house all my non main costume builds for props and such. Current things on the build list to be added here are: Halo Reach flag pole Legendary machetes Helmets for friends Elite and Human skulls (flag toppers) Detachable turret and Tripod M23 concept multiple grenade...
  3. C

    1st Build Halo infinite mark 7 progress

    Hello 405th. I am currently doing my first halo project and I would like to show off some progress so far. I am doing the mark 7 gen 3 from halo infinite. As of now I have gotten the helmet, a leg,and chest piece done. I'm working with foam BTW as it is easy to use. The chest piece and leg did...
  4. Herbstjul

    Scalling STL Files

    Hi, I need some help with scaling the Master Chief armoury for 3D printing. Haven't found anything yet that gives the optimal size or would scaling down be enough? I am 172cm (approx. 5'2). The problem that worries me a bit is that the scaling changes the wall thickness of the parts. Link...
  5. Mysticporo

    First Reach Spartan Build (An Adventure into Cosplay)

    Hello Again, So last year I joined the forums alongside the Discord server and was very enthralled with everyone else’s builds that I decided to start making plans for my own, whilst creating a 3D Model of it since I’m more familiar with digital space, however as 2020 ran out of time it became...
  6. tahu505

    Life Sized 3D Models of Bionicle Props

    I haven't modeled anything in a while so I made a life sized version Tahu's fire sword. (who could have guessed that I would make this) Just wanted to make something quick and fun. I might make life sized 3D models of the other Toa weapons/tools from Bionicle and if I do I'll post them here...
  7. KellyKell

    Aloy Horizon Zero Dawn Spear Build

    Hey everyone!! This is going to be my first non-halo post. Horizon Zero Dawn is one of my favorite video games and Aloy is such an inspiring female role. I am cosplaying as her and have built/made 95% of my own cosplay. Here is the progress of the spear that she uses. It is made from a 2x4 that...
  8. L

    3D Printer and Software Questions.

    Aye, everyone, I'm not the best at costume stuff also I'm saving up for a 3D printer. So I have some questions about 3D printers as a whole and what to look out for. What type of software is useful when printing out your armor or a prop for example? What type of 3D printer that always gets...
  9. K

    Hello Forum

    Hey everyone I'm a stunt performer/actor living in LA but I'm originally from the Bahamas. I've always wanted to do props so now that I'm in LA I'm learning as much as possible. My eventual goal is to create a superhero suit(similar to kamen rider or tokusatsu) for a short idea that I created...
  10. Celsifer

    Borderlands Themed Gun

    Hello, long time no post. I haven't really been working on anything worth posting but as the title suggests I have a new project while I thought I'd post. I recently picked up the new (at least Australian new) Nerf Alphahawk which is apart of the Accustrike series. It looked perfect for a new...
  11. ReClaimer8015

    ReClaimers Deus Ex Stuff

    Hi folks, Have been absent for a while.... Did a lot of playing around and am now trying to "manifacture" all these ideas. It`s mostly deus ex related stuff (yes, there are other passions besides halo:lol:) Greetings to all Deus Ex Fans btw! :D This thread should showcase all of those things...
  12. ReClaimer8015

    Crysis 3 Dog Tags

    Hey, while i`m stuck with my slowly degenerating laptop i use the left capacities to make smaller, but nonetheless pretty things..... I´ve seen some halo related jewelry here on the site - dog tags, A.I. chip on a chain, etc. Because i like the design, i modeled these in cad: Maybe i`ll make...
  13. Zero Prime

    Halo 5 Weapon Models

    Hello all. So recently I have been wanting to make some of the Halo 5 Weapons, however I noticed that all of the models vanished with the site move. So I started looking around and learning, and I have been able to pull the weapon assets from H5: Forge. Now I have to give credit where credit is...
  14. IronWolf

    Props Ma37 Assault rifle/M6G Magnum Showcase

    A little showcase of my work. Mostly made of ply wood and body filler for smoothening along with some PVC piping. Some minor touch ups are still in process this what i got so far. Hope you all enjoy.
  15. LordSloth

    Props My Halo 5 Boomco Blasters repainted and mounted on REQ Card backgrounds

    Over the past months, I've been grabbing some of the boomco blasters and modeling them up to look like some of the REQ's in Halo 5. Then I had the idea to paint a canvas like the REQ Card and mount the guns to the canvas. Here are the results below: Here's a look at all 4 of the guns...
  16. SpartanNumber623

    EVA seam lines??

    This may have already been posted. If so, I'm sorry (I did look through the forums but couldn't find this thread exactly). So, I've gotten pretty decent at armor, but some of my weapons (non-Halo) need to be bulky, so I must make a right and left. Once everything is finished, the details look...