1. QueenBHartigan

    Chip gets a facelift, Cybercraft ODST helmet

    Hey all! It’s me again! So chip’s finally going to get some upgrades, the first of which is a bigger helmet for my planet of a head. Cybercraft have released an ODST helmet alongside their chief helmet. I’ll post what is effectively a review of the helmet and my plans for it. Starting off...
  2. QueenBHartigan

    1st Build Bella’s SB ODST build.

    Hey all! I’m Bella (she/her) So I started something similar to this on my introduction post, and I wanted to make an official build thread for my ODST. The basis: I managed to acquire a Sean Bradley ODST kit, which I have spent the best part of 3 months on. My current helmet is an Xcoser...