question newbie

  1. DragonFaith

    Best Comfortable Undersuit?

    New guy here, right now size testing some of my 3D printed pieces. Using Mark VII cosplay 3D printed armor. Testing with PLA planning to use PETG for final product. What’s the best idea for an undersuit? Should it be thin, or should it be taut enough to hold the armor in place? While I’m at it...
  2. C

    Question about pepakura lines

    Hey everyone, I have just finished cutting out all of the pieces for my Halo Reach Mk V helmet and began folding. Only problem is that when I'm folding there are these solid black lines that go into the bulk of the piece. Trying to fold around these lines is kinda difficult, so I was wondering...
  3. Xsjadoful

    Easy question i can't find the answer to.

    I'm about to start hardening my first pep build, afterwards should i put a layer of resin over the cardboard outside? Every guide i read shows the hardening process inside the armor pieces but i'm not sure if people tend to resin the outside as well or just paint straight onto the cardboard...