1. fla12

    first halo costume i have some questions

    i am currently designing and sketching a design for my first halo costume but i had some questions. 1. what is a good way to bond eva foam or other foams, ive generally only combined parts with interlocking parts and light hot glue 2. where do i get a visor for a helmet and how would one put it...
  2. B

    Hi everyone I new plz tell me if there is any rules that I need t follow thx

    I'm new as the title suggest i just want to ask is there any rule I need to follow or is this just you know...
  3. L

    3D Printer and Software Questions.

    Aye, everyone, I'm not the best at costume stuff also I'm saving up for a 3D printer. So I have some questions about 3D printers as a whole and what to look out for. What type of software is useful when printing out your armor or a prop for example? What type of 3D printer that always gets...
  4. Lord of Reach

    Working on my armor, need some help

    Hello, guys! I wanted to share my progress, I'm doing my armor with pepakura since august (I think) and I'm not even close to finishing it, but I had some questions. Oh, and I'm from Mexico, so there may be grammar mistakes Fist of all, this is my progress so far: Helmet (I was starting the...
  5. wolfriordan

    Cortana and bridges.

    Does anyone know any explanation given for why if Cortana could physically manifest herself from hard light technology, and she'd long wanted to physically touch the chief, (probably long wanted to physically touch literally anything, having had no body previously.) she completely passed up such...