1. Rusty 714

    Power Rangers Wild Force Blue Cosplay

    IM FINALLY DOING IT MOOOOM!!! IM FINALLY GONNA BE A POWER RANGER!!!! ... ahem... anyway... 3DVagabond Power rangers wild force blue helmet kit arrived today :D. It looks amazing and I dint think im going to have to sand it very much. Still gonna have to sand it tho, just not alot. I've...
  2. Rusty 714

    Yellow Hyperforce Ranger

    Hey all! I just want to say this right off the bat, I am not going to start 3d printing this stuff until I finish my halo 3 suit. I don't have access to my printer right now so I decided to start modeling my next project. It's a Power Ranger so... It's morphin time 3DVagabond! I always loved...