1. A

    First Armor: Which to make?

    Hi everyone, I am new here so not sure if this is the right place to post this. I got a 3D printer a few months back and have been testing it out here and there with various prints but I think it is time to go big. I want to make a full suit of either spartan armor from Reach (Emile or Carter)...
  2. E

    First armor - Making my Halo:Reach armor

    So this is my first post My name is Eddie I am 20 years old and I live in Montana. I am not working right now and living at home so I have plenty of time. I also like to blacksmith and I really enjoy leatherworking so I have experience making stuff. And that is my preamble for you lol. I have...
  3. Revenant1988

    Reach Gungnir helmet build

    Howdy. So last Christmas a good friend of mine bestowed upon me a really cool, one of a kind custom DOOM themed gift. To return the favor, I figured I'd set about bringing his favorite Halo helmet to life. My intent is to provide my Giftee with a quality resin reproduction of his avatar...
  4. MartinSpartan

    Reach Magnum: Feedback wanted for functioning cap gun prop

    I'm designing a working model of the M6G v2546 (Reach Magnum) designed to fire caps. It will use 3D printed cartridges that hold a cap in the rear and allow it to be fired (think like revolver cap gun cylinder, except for only one cap). The power contained in the cap should be enough to get the...
  5. tahu505

    Help with Meshmixer

    I made a part for the collar/breacher Reach chest piece attachment in Solidworks then saved it as a STL and imported it into Meshmixer to make sure the part was manifold and to fix any errors. But when I tried to repair the errors it messed up the part. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  6. KGSupreme

    1st Build The Red ODST Halo: Reach build log.

    Intro: Hello everyone. I figured now was about time that I stopped lurking and started posting my own build log, I'll try to organize it for fast browsing. I have wanted to build my own armor set based off my custom armor from Halo: Reach, it's been nearly a full decade since that game came out...
  7. tahu505

    3D modeling for 3D printing

    Hey, so I want to model some armor pieces to 3D print. Specifically, I want to make the collar/breacher chest piece attachment from Reach. Right now I only have experience modeling in Solidworks. As much as I love Solidworks, I'm not sure if it's the right tool for this job. What other 3D...
  8. tahu505

    Grenadier Spartan III

    Finally getting around to documenting my first full armor build, a grenadier spartan III, my custom character from Reach. I already made the helmet and gloves a couple years ago and now I plan on 3D printing the rest of the armor. The only part i'm missing right now is the collar/breacher...
  9. Bariox416

    First Reach armor build - WIP

    Hello everyone! I've been a huge fan of Halo since I was young but never had the opportunity to play it until this year. And now the hype is stronger than ever! I've done some sintra and 3D printing works before but foam is something new. I tried it a few years ago but never managed to make...
  10. Harri51

    Foam Halo Reach Commission build

    Okay, I've been wanting to post this for a while so here it is. I was approached in building a reach armor for Deadman627. I've been working on it and life really slowed me down. But, I am currently at the waist and I'll post that soon; enjoy the pics. I can honestly see why everyone loves to...
  11. Kiwi

    Foam Kiwi's MKV/B Build

    Hey guys! I'm a noob taking the first steps to putting together their first suit, a MJOLNIR MKV with MKV/B helmet in vein of Halo: Reach. I thought I'd share my first physical progress with you all as the information, templates and community I've found here are second to none! Below is the as...
  12. ButterBacon3000

    ButterBacon300's Noble Six Armor 3d Print and Foam Build

    I have been saying that I was going to start a build since October, but never got around to it until today lol. This will definitely take me longer to finish than it should because I share a printer with a friend and it's at their house, so I can't use it very often, but here goes nothing. I...
  13. A

    First Build - Halo Reach WIP

    Hello All I've Been Working on my armor off and on for about 3 months so far, I only have the arms and knees done as of December 2019, and i just got home from my fall semester, so I just now have been able to start painting. Background I've wanted to make a set of armor for years now, but...
  14. kahnah

    3D Printed ODST Build

    Hello 405th! It has been a long time, a lot has changed and i'm happy to be back. I don't know how many attempts I am on but I VOW to complete a full Reach ODST build. To start the build I would like to go over my "medium" just incase anyone wants to replicate my build or settings to make their...
  15. Rusty 714

    How do I cut a 3d print file into smaller parts?

    I am about to start making my first suit with a 3d printer. Most of the files for Noble 6 that I found on thingiverse are small enough to fit my Creality CR10 3d printer, but the chestplate is way too big. The blue lines are the borders of the print bed. I cant make it smaller because it...
  16. ZettaiKagerou

    Reach Build 3.0

    Hello everyone thought I’d post here since I should probably try to be more active. ;3; My old account got deactivated since I was out of the building world for too long :( but technically this is build 3.0. (1.0 was scrapped entirely, 2.0 was updated to 2.5 then didn’t survive moving and was...
  17. Spall and Azimuth Edited

    Spall and Azimuth Edited

  18. Marine Group at Outpost: Chicago

    Marine Group at Outpost: Chicago

  19. Reach Marine Profile

    Reach Marine Profile

  20. Reach Marine

    Reach Marine

  21. RandomRanger

    Foam Ranger's Halo: Reach Build

    I'm bored at work, waiting for my script to run so I figured I'd create this thread. I'm going to be building a Halo: Reach suit, likely using the CQB helmet and other random components that I think look cool, cause that's how I customize my character in game. Yes, I currently have 2 other...
  22. Fisherk2

    My Halo Reach progress

    (Spanish) Hola a todos, bueno, como prometí, termine la armadura de Halo Reach que tenia planeado este año, aunque un poco tarde porque empece hace aprox. 4 meses, pero bueno, es mejor tarde que nunca. Como siempre, voy paso por paso para explicarle como lo hice...
  23. SpartanProps

    Noble 6 halo reach build

    Hey everyone! I thought i would post my build progress for my noble 6 costume that i debuted at calgary comic expo! Since its done and not in progress im not really sure what order to do the picturtes in, so i will do my best to post in clusters of what i did and explain what i have done c...
  24. BioQuake

    Halo Reach Jorge build - WIP (Will be pic heavy)

    I've been wanting to do something like this for a while. The MCC including Reach being announced for PC was the final push over the edge I needed to get started on my first ever cosplay build. It's my first time ever working with Pepakura, so it'll be a fun learning experience. If you have any...
  25. MoeSizzlac

    Halo Reach - Noble 1 - Carter - A259 - Mark 5 armor set including Helmet

    Link: Halo Reach - Noble 1 - Carter - A259 - Mark 5 armor set including Helmet This is an armor set remixed from a Pepakura armor files uploaded on the forum. I didn't have one source for the pdo files so I will just link to the 3 posts where I got most of the files that I then turned...