red vs blue

  1. FloodHunter

    Foam Agent Carolina Build

    Even if I'm still in process of creating my Hazop armor I can't help but start a new thread about my newest project - Agent Carolina from RvB season 15. So this build is going to be a little bit different from my other ones, cause it will serve some other purposes than just going to cons and...
  2. PlanetAlexander

    RvB Sarge Mark VI Armour

    [Gruffy voice] Well folks, it looks like I'm gonna need me some new armour. The boys promised they would clean my old set for me, provided I remove my shotgun from their backs. I don't know why I put my faith into those dirtbags - Grif got double-stuffed Oreo crumbs all over it, there's lipbalm...
  3. Rosebud

    Operation Mini-Spartans (Plush Edition)

    This entire project was started by me needing to make Christmas presents: Let me explain. I've always like small things like dolls, action figures, lego figures, etc. When Christmas came around I had been thinking about making felt dolls and finally decided to make one for a friend I would be...
  4. ScribbleBoxFox

    Red vs. Blue Kimball Build

    Just what the title says, I guess. Working on a Kimball armor build for RTX 2020. Really my first time doing any sort of serious cosplay like this. I have basically no experience, but so far things are going mostly okay. I already printed off the helmet, which I found on Thingiverse. Here's a...
  5. Littlemisssark

    Pepakura Help

    So I know what Peppakura is but also don’t. How does it work on a computer? Is it a downloaded program or used by internet browser? Because right now I don’t have a working computer and I need help finding some alternatives to making Felix’s armor in rvb.
  6. Littlemisssark

    How to make a helmet

    I’ve looked at the link on Etsy and it’s great but I worry about it’s size. Are there any semi-easy methods for making a halo helmet for Felix?
  7. Littlemisssark

    Under armor? How to?

    So I have a decent idea on how to make Felix’s armor from Red Vs Blue but he has a lot of under armor exposed and I don’t know what to use to make that. Any suggestions?
  8. Littlemisssark

    Easy armor please

    I’m so new and have little crafting skill but I want to cosplay Felix from red vs blue SO BAD and properly and I lack money and crafting skill. Is there any way of doing this fairly simple and affordable?
  9. jayjar291

    my first fiberglass build :)

    Hi so this is my first fiberglass build and so far it's going well I am doing RvB Felix. But I ran into a problem when I sized the helmet I added an inch because when I did my foam helmet it was too small so I thought that might fix the problem so I sized the file and started but I could not...
  10. Spartans


    I made these using the Halo 5 game assets the only one not from this site is the Master Chief armor which I think i found on SFMlab and the Textures that i used i found on Facepunch.
  11. locostorm

    Red vs Blue Caboose costume.

    Hey guys! It's been a wile since I have posted on here so I thought I would show you guys some new pics of my armor. These where taken when I was doing my senior pics so hopefully they look good. Let me know what you guys think! And now to get a bit off topic. Make sure to check out the halo 5...
  12. AsphyxiaOrange

    HD Halo 3 MKVI, RVB's "Tucker" Pepikura Build FINISHED!

    Okay so. I'm going to do a build. I'm making a thread. Boom Basically, I have a few weeks of uninterrupted freedom (almost twelve hours a day for two weeks), and I have the time and patience to start my first build in that span. Being a spartan is my dreaaaaam. I'm totally not rushing...