reference photos

  1. PaleASSASSIN04

    Halo infinite armor reference images

    Hey fellas, just figured I’d pop in and give some detailed reference images for the Firefall ODST helmet from Infinite. I wanted to make this post for the experienced, as well as talented 3d modelers out there in the community. Now I’d also do the modeling myself, but I don't feel as confident...
  2. Rock Lobbster

    Spartan 360 Interactive Reference Model

    Hello everyone! Thanks to Jeffw773 we now have access to even more models from the MCC with update textures. Because of this I decided to go into the files and make an interactive 360 degree model of the default Mark V from Halo Reach. I have included both a version with decals and shields and...
  3. PlanetAlexander

    Combat Evolved Marine + Assault Rifle References

    To join in with RandomRanger's Reference Packs Index, I've decided to create a list of references for the Combat Evolved Marine, plus the CE assault rifle. Hopefully this will help/inspire some of you to make some CE marines because I'd love to see more! Honestly, my job is made pretty simple...
  4. P

    Practicing 3D modeling - need photos

    Hello! I’m currently working on becoming more adept with 3D surfacing in Solidworks, and am recreating helmets as practice. However, since I want to be as accurate as possible - I like to have reference photos to sketch over. That being said, does anyone know the best way to go about getting...
  5. Rookie425

    In-Engine Armor References [Source Film Maker]

    Hey guys. So some of you might recognize me by username or by some of my artwork, some of us may have even met in person in or out of cosplay, but for those of you who don't know me, my name is Mike (I often go by Rookie) and I work with a program called Source Film Maker to create fan art for...
  6. TurboCharizard

    Halo Reach Spartan III Soft Parts Reference

    In the Halo Museum there's a full scale statue of each of Noble Team which is awesome. Kat and Emile are in easily accessible locations to take photos of, Carter and Jun were in a no photos allowed section unfortunately and Jorge has so much armour that it wasn't worth taking pictures of his...