1. Wesley117

    Jasman Plasma Rifle wiring

    I put batteries in my plasma rifle for the first time in a while and the rumble function wasn’t working. I carefully took it apart and was able to fix that. (On a side note, there is an old post where someone was asking how to fully disassemble the plasma rifle and they never got an answer...
  2. Rock Lobbster

    Guide: 3D Print Welding

    I've gotten a few questions over the discord and on the forums how I do "print welding" on my 3d prints so I figured I would use the most recent messed up helmet as a demo! Tools: Soldering Iron (woodburning tip preferred) Extra material of whatever you used to print the item Sharp knife...
  3. ODST Costume.png

    ODST Costume.png

    I am already planning to fix this armor, since I am going to the Halo Outpost Discovery event in Orlando, Florida!
  4. Shagohod

    Re finishing EVA foam

    Well my halo reach spartan has seen better days before otafest /canada day, so I'm thinking of adding new parts to it and repainting it what would best for that im thinking of hitting it with a mouse sander gently then getting plasta-dip then using "golden" brand of acrylic paint is. Any advice?