1. PlanetAlexander

    Firing Halo CE Magnum

    Over on the RPF, I started a thread on a firing Halo CE Magnum, built from the Nerf Firestrike Elite. Because this is the 405th, I thought people might be interested to see it. Firing Halo CE Magnum Replica I've been collecting resources from CE and putting them there as well. PS. If this is...
  2. ReClaimer8015

    Futuristic Katana (Own Remake from deviantart)

    A while ago i was searching for Concept Art of Raidens different HF-blades used in MG: Rising. I have already found a few low-poly 3d-files, nothing i thought of recreating things myself from some artwork. Just to practice my honestly mediocre modelling skills. What i stumbled...
  3. ReClaimer8015

    Crysis 3 Dog Tags

    Hey, while i`m stuck with my slowly degenerating laptop i use the left capacities to make smaller, but nonetheless pretty things..... I´ve seen some halo related jewelry here on the site - dog tags, A.I. chip on a chain, etc. Because i like the design, i modeled these in cad: Maybe i`ll make...