1. Erudring

    Rookie here

    Howdy everyone, I’m a rookie in the Colonies (New York) and wanted to know how to become an actual member of the colonial regiment. Do I need to pay membership dues or am I just an automatic member? I’m very much new to this and am getting ready to start my cosplay journey into becoming an ODST...
  2. Sgt Whupass

    Rookie ODST Build

    Long time Lurker, first time Build-Thread-Poster. I started my ODST build and decided to go with Rookie because I've got limited imagination and even more limited time to work on this week to week. I build a H3 Master Chief back in 2009-2010 out of pepakura and after practically destroying my...
  3. ARY

    Cosplay Noobs Helljumper Journey

    ok first lets get something straight right of the bat, I have never built a costume of any kind before well except from when I was in the army Cadet Force and they gave me some MTP gear I made look good ;). anyways without getting too side-tracked let me talk about my project I am about to...
  4. MoeSizzlac

    Halo 3 ODST - Rookie - Full Armor Set

    Halo 3 ODST - Rookie - Full Armor Set The files I made printable are from: Halo 3: ODST - UNSC ODST Nothing really new done here. I was just shocked to see how much armor the ODST have on all together. Please Note: There are some nice bits of armor out there but everything was spread apart. A...
  5. Jack Socal

    ODST Cosplay build process

    I'm about to start building my first ever halo cosplay! I'm gonna be making the Rookie from ODST. But I'm having trouble with the pepakura files because my mac can't open them, is there any place I can get just the ready to print PDF templates?
  6. I

    Recently recruited

    Hi I apologies in advance for my spelling, sentence structure and general stupidity in my questions but truth be told I need dire help. Im an avid builder trying to explore new heights, i discovered this website while searching for power armour tutorials. i have zero experience in everything...