rooster teeth

  1. shadowbreakre

    RWBY - Sun Wukong's Ruyi Bang and Jingu Bang Gunchucks - 3D print Took about 4 hours to complete, ran into some hickups. It would be months before I can test print so I'm gonna go ahead and release it now. Theoretically it ca can be combined into a staff if you inbed 6mm wide or less magnets into the back of the...
  2. locostorm

    Red vs Blue Caboose costume.

    Hey guys! It's been a wile since I have posted on here so I thought I would show you guys some new pics of my armor. These where taken when I was doing my senior pics so hopefully they look good. Let me know what you guys think! And now to get a bit off topic. Make sure to check out the halo 5...