1. FebruaryGemini

    Portable Gravity Lift

    Can someone who knows Pepakura better than I do render/unfold the Portable Gravity Lift? Preferably in its undeployed state. It's used as an AI storage device in RvB, and I really want a miniature version (~5cm) hanging from my key chain. What I want to end up with gives me the impression of a...
  2. L

    Halo 3 EVA visor

    Hello everyone! this is my first post here as a member of the 405th, I've also just started my first halo cosplay, the meta from RVB. and I've hit a dead end in terms of visors, there is only 1 visor up on Etsy for sale but don't know if it will fit my helmet, I was hoping some of you might have...
  3. Rusty 714

    Custom 3d printed RvB heroclix

    Hey guys! :D I love heroclix! Its one of my favorite table top strategy games! I'm not very good at and I hardly ever win but I still have fun and that's all that matters! :p I also love red vs blue, and I have a 3d printer and so I thought to myself... Why not combine my 3 favorite things...
  4. Washington


    I tried doing a more dynamic pose with my armor practice. Staring a my Washington face canon
  5. Jensen by Shy

    Jensen by Shy

    This took me over an hour to do. Simply because I kept drawing the wrong chest plate each time. Also my face canon for Katie Jensen in RvB.
  6. Subtle monster helmet. Palomo

    Subtle monster helmet. Palomo

    I don't think I can do the full on opened monster mouth posted here. So here's a side veiw of the Aviator Helmet with the subtle monster mouth instead, Palomo's version with the same colour visor cause I just really like that colour. This took maybe half an hour to do as I'm trying to keep it simple
  7. Dirtdives2424

    Pepakura Another Caboose Build.......

    Hey guys, DD here on my next build......OK I'm building it, but it's for my daughter. She recently finished watching all of RvB ......for the 2nd or 3rd time.....and as I said in her other build thread (Iieda Engin), she decided to put it on hold, and wanted a Caboose suit. So, lets get...
  8. Drakee

    RvB Felix Build

    Ok so I actually built a scout helmet for the fun of it back in February last year Then late 2017 I got the idea heck why not use it for a Felix cosplay Bodysuit and pouches arrived! Con photos Thanks for checking out my build :D A big thanks to...
  9. Spartans


    I made these using the Halo 5 game assets the only one not from this site is the Master Chief armor which I think i found on SFMlab and the Textures that i used i found on Facepunch.
  10. AsphyxiaOrange

    HD Halo 3 MKVI, RVB's "Tucker" Pepikura Build FINISHED!

    Okay so. I'm going to do a build. I'm making a thread. Boom Basically, I have a few weeks of uninterrupted freedom (almost twelve hours a day for two weeks), and I have the time and patience to start my first build in that span. Being a spartan is my dreaaaaam. I'm totally not rushing...