1. shadowbreakre

    RWBY - Sun Wukong's Ruyi Bang and Jingu Bang Gunchucks - 3D print Took about 4 hours to complete, ran into some hickups. It would be months before I can test print so I'm gonna go ahead and release it now. Theoretically it ca can be combined into a staff if you inbed 6mm wide or less magnets into the back of the...
  2. AsphyxiaOrange

    Pyrrha Nikos Headpiece (Tutorial WIP)

    Hello! I have a few projects I've done with the whole pep/pattern/resin methods and I figured I should start posting them in the forums for once. So this week I'm setting up for a few things, including doing an artist alley table but we (My friend and I) wanted to dress up. She isn't really a...
  3. CollinMcCaf

    Fully Functional Scythe - RWBY (Qrow) (minus guns (probably))

    Thats right boyos; here we have it. First time ever. Certainly not the first time its been considered. I aim to create not a printable model, but rather a schematic with which someone with adequate skill (or money) should be able to make for themselves their very own Harbinger. This is no simple...